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Top 7 Enterprise Tools To Try In 2022

Top Enterprise Tools To Try

How many times have you heard the old chestnut "the devil's in the details"? Well, it turns out that's pretty true.

The little things we take for granted—from the words we use to communicate our message to the channels of communication and management—can make or break an enterprise.

Of course, an essential part of any enterprise is its people, but it's also necessary to ensure they're equipped with the right tools to do their jobs right. Otherwise, all that work and talent can get lost or misplaced in a sea of chaos and disorganization.

And while it might seem like enterprise management tools are just a bunch of unnecessary technicalities, they're actually much more than that. Tools allow us to organize our thoughts and help us achieve more, faster.

So if you care about business process improvement - and you should! - you need to make sure your enterprise is using the right tools.

Top 7 Tools Every Enterprise Must Implement in 2022.

  • Apty
  • CallHippo
  • Salesforce
  • BambooHR
  • Mailchimp
  • ProofHub

1. Apty

Apty is a digital adoption platform that drives behavior change by providing employees with the information, training, and environment they need when they need it. It strategically identifies and helps resolve pain points in user adoption by enabling you to create custom walkthroughs and in-app guidance material.

Using the Apty DAP, you can onboard, train, and help your employees master even the most complex software in a much more time and cost-efficient manner. As a result, spend less time managing users and more time growing your business with Apty.

Most importantly, it is reshaping the way organizations approach enterprise software adoption. By focusing on business outcomes, employee productivity, and organization-wide change management, Apty delivers meaningful results for enterprises. So when productivity feels like a mammoth challenge, Apty is here to help with proactive and significant adoption strategies. 

2. CallHippo 

Gone are the hassles and high costs of owning and maintaining a conventional phone system. Instead, CallHippo is an intelligent cloud-based enterprise solution for businesses of all sizes. Get all the features you need to run your business - from big companies to small mom-and-pop shops - without any of the expensive hardware or software.

Instead, CallHippo empowered by VoIP, delivers next-generation, scalable, reliable, and feature-rich communication services, all with virtually no upfront costs or capital investment.

The VoIP services market is expected to reach $194.5 billion by 2024.

Moreover, CallHippo empowers the hybrid teams and working models of today. This intelligent business phone system enables you to work the way you want, whenever you want - Keep your existing number, add extensions for anyone in your team, and enjoy premium features such as voicemail to email, call transfer, hold music, outbound faxing, and virtual receptionist.  

3. Salesforce

Ready to give your customers a seamless experience; make every customer interaction better, easier and happier? That's Customer Success.

Salesforce can make it a cakewalk for you. The tool gives you proper functionalities to achieve customer success—even when it's not easy.

Salesforce gives your company the ability to collect customer and business data, track it in real-time and use it to create enterprise-scale opportunities - so you can unlock the full potential of your business with flexible cloud apps that run on our global infrastructure that scales.

Advanced CRM is an essential part of modern business strategies, and Salesforce helps you take full advantage of it. Demand generation, lead nurturing, account management, service automation, social selling - whatever your leads or sales channels, Salesforce has the tools to help close deals faster.

4. BambooHR

Evolved to re-humanize the HR experience, BambooHR all-in-one HR software provides employee tasks, performance & goal management, onboarding & offboarding, benefits administration, and takes care of payroll.

It is an employee-centered HR software that combines the power of HRIS, ROI data analytics, and a modern, user-friendly design. Boost employee productivity, create a great place to work, succeed in your industry, re-engineer talent management, manage payroll and benefits and simplify compliance. 

5. is a work operating system where your team can build custom workflow apps and run them on a single cloud-based platform. As a result, your group can plan, run, and track processes, projects, and everyday work in one place.

Start working together right away with real-time scheduling, integrations with the tools you already use, automation that does the repetitive work for you—and reporting to keep everyone up to speed on what's happening. 

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that helps you target and grow your audience. For example, you can leverage their extensive subscriber‑level data to target customers based on what they like best about your business or send targeted emails based on where they live.  

Mailchimp allows to create, send, and track email marketing campaigns. In addition, it offers templates for creating newsletters and invitations, RSS-to-email functionality, social media integration, customizable track links, and email content analysis tools.  

Whether you're a small business or large company, an early startup or nonprofit, Mailchimp is the most powerful yet easy-to-use email marketing solution available. Stop losing customers to competitors because of poor communication—let Mailchimp help you grow your business today. 

7. ProofHub 

Your teams deserve a place where everything comes together. ProofHub gives you the tools to manage your projects and complete them on time efficiently. They offer easy-to-use project management software for teams and individuals with a fixed-price plan that's affordable for businesses of all sizes.

ProofHub is a robust cloud-based project management and collaboration software for teams. Each feature has been designed to help teams collaboratively plan and execute their projects. From project management to time tracking, from visual dashboards to agile planning and more, ProofHub puts all the tools you need under one roof! 


No matter the size, scale, or culture of your enterprise, it is vital to deliver the right tools and to ensure that they are used by the right people.

It's a balancing act as there needs to be a degree of flexibility whereby teams can employ (or choose not to employ) particular tools but still deliver effectively. Still, it comes from understanding the needs, wants, and behaviors of those you wish to help in their digital transformation. 


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Originally posted on March 3, 2022

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