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Apty DAP named ‘Easiest to use for Enterprises’ & ‘Leader in DAP Category’ by G2

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In the Winter 2022 Reports released by renowned software review site G2 this week, Apty was announced as a ‘Leader’ in the Digital Adoption Platform Category. Along with this, Apty also received several notable recognitions like Momentum Leader, High Performer, Best Usability in Enterprise, and more.

The G2 reports consider both excellent customer experience and a strong market presence.

“Being recognized as the leader in Usability for Digital Adoption Platform as well as being named a momentum leader multiple times this year confirms our commitment to building a world-class Enterprise-grade DAP solution. Our focus this year was to enable businesses to streamline business processes and maximize returns on their tech investments while making our software easy to use and implement.”

– Krishna Dunthoori, Founder & CEO.

Apty is a Digital Adoption Platform that simplifies complex applications for users, empowering business leaders to analyze and improve software usage, adoption as well as process compliance. Apty’s clientele includes noteworthy enterprises like Mary Kay, JLL, Hitachi, Mattel, Boeing, among others.

Dunthoori added that “Our vision for the future is to make Apty the most comprehensive and easiest to use DAP in the market. We are committed to helping enterprises realize the true the value of their business-critical software, and we are certain that enhancing our business process compliance capabilities is key to making this happen.”

Another distinction for Apty in the Winter 2022 reports was that the company received fourteen badges from G2. Apty is the highly-rated on G2 and has been the highest-rated DAP for user satisfaction for seven consecutive quarters.

Alongside winning many Enterprise-level recognitions, Apty also took home four mid-market badges such as Best Meets Requirements, Easiest Admin, Easiest Set up and High Performer. This validates Apty’s claim that while it is an enterprise-grade DAP, it is also perfect for SaaS products that are looking to scale.

(Originally published on EIN Presswire)

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