The Apty suite makes any web-based application easier to use and provides actionable insights on how to improve your efficiency and reduce your software expenses.

What is Apty?

The Modern Way to Optimize Software

Apty is a digital platform that optimizes software utilization. Apty works with any web-based application to track usage and provide on-screen help. Apty’s AI engine analyzes the user data and provides actionable insights so you can improve efficiency at an unprecedented scale. 

The Apty Platform consists of four modules: Lens, Insights, Assist, and Automation.

The Apty Platform

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Apty Lens

Track and Analyze

The built-in usage tracking for most enterprise software solutions lacks the detail needed to get a clear picture of how effectively your employees are using the system. You need to do more than recording how frequently someone logs in. Logging in and actually completing your work are two different things.

The advanced tracking tools in Apty Lens can be enabled in less than a day and immediately begin tracking detailed data on how employees interact with the program and how efficiently they can complete your custom business processes.

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Apty Insights

Actionable Analytics

Apty Insights transforms your usage data into tactics for improving your productivity. Apty’s AI engine continuously analyzes your usage data in real-time to help identify where users are struggling with the software and processes and how to solve the problem. 

Apty’s deep learning algorithm builds upon your usage patterns as well as other companies using the same software to provide the most advanced look at how to improve your application. 

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Apty Assist

Real-time Guidance and Onboarding

Deploy Apty’s recommendations for improving productivity to your end-users with Apty’s advanced engagement tools. Apty Assist shows users how to complete a task, prompts them to correct errors, and streamlines how they search for support content. 

Apty improves your user proficiency and productivity and efficiency by making software easier to use. This on-screen guidance enables faster product adoption, simplified user onboarding, and seamless change management. 

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Apty Automation

Accelerated Productivity

Utilize Apty Automation to simplify even the most complicated processes in your application. Remove the burden of completing mundane tasks with the help of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Automation enables your users to do more in less time and significantly increases the productivity of your software.