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Orchestrate desirable business outcomes with Apty’s comprehensive Digital Adoption Platform that guides your employees at each step to ensure true software adoption.

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Apty is an Enterprise-ready DAP, that addresses various but not limited to digital transformation challenges like Change Management, Data Integrity, Training and Onboarding, Business Process Compliance etc., thus realizing true ROI of your software investments.

Create Content in Multiple Formats
Building multiple formats of content takes hundreds of hours. Cut the chase and save time using Apty to export workflows as PPTs, PDFs, MP4, and SCORM.
Measure and Track Your Results
Drive digital transformation initiatives to meet predefined schedules and budgets. Measure and track your transformation progress with Apty’s goal-based analytics.
Identify and Eliminate Roadblocks
Apty’s advanced tracking tools help you identify exactly where your employees are struggling while using a tool, so you can build new support and training content to help them overcome those challenges.
Ensure Data integrity and Process Compliance
Apty’s advanced tracking tools help you identify exactly where your employees are struggling while using a tool, so you can build new support and training content to help them overcome those challenges.
Unleash full visibility into your Business Processes
Apty’s powerful analytics platform helps you analyze processes and gaps in user adoption. Thus, helping you optimize guidance wherever required.
Gain full control over your Technology Stack
Apty provides seamless cross application workflows, supporting multiple languages and easy data import/export options making it easier to scale your technology stack with less efforts.
Make Your Teams Self-Sufficient and Process Compliant
Apty’s intuitive in-app guidance, tooltips and data validations make sure the employees get contextual help making complex business processes easy.
Take Proactive Action to Realize your Software ROI
Apty’s goals engine helps to set a time-based tracker to realize your adoption goals and take proactive actions for course correction and realize the true potential of your Enterprise DAP.

Maximize Your Software ROI with Apty

Companies with the right digital adoption platform can not only improve employee efficiency but also maximize their tech stack ROI. Here are some of the benefits of leveraging Apty DAP.


Apty helps you make data-driven decisions to maximize tech stack ROI & optimize your transformation efforts.

Onboarding and Training

Onboard & Train users faster and better with effective segmentation capability to create personalized content.


Streamline employee training, communication, and support to ensure successful change management.

Learning &

Apty helps L&D Professionals spend lesser time on creation and more time analyzing user challenges.

Self Support

Apty's ensures independent learning which in turn reduces the burden on your IT and Support teams.

Ensure & Deliver Results with Apty

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Aptymize Your Way to Digital Adoption

A perfect Digital Adoption Platform helps the organization to analyze applications, processes, and user behavior. It also helps businesses to create training content and optimize adoption strategies to align goals with desired outcomes.

Enable Employee Training and Onboarding

Apty drastically reduces the onboarding and training time by showing
employees how to exactly use complex applications in real time.

Customized Training Content

Create contextual content and Walkthroughs for different user segments to minimize friction and boost adoption. 

Create Content Effortlessly

Apty simplifies the content creation process as in-built walkthroughs can be converted into PDFs, PPTs, Webpage, SCORM, and videos in no time. 

Guide Users Anytime

Apty empowers users by providing in-app guidance that reduces their reliance on others and enables them to seamlessly accomplish their tasks. 

Enable Employee Training and Onboarding
Enforce Compliance in Your Business Processes

Enforce Compliance in Your Business Processes

Apty makes sure that employees follow the business processes without fail and eliminates data quality concerns.

Improve Business Processes

Apty empowers you with all the necessary insights to identify gaps in your existing processes and help you to address them on time. 

Process Benchmarking

Understand what type of information you want to capture from your application and set rules against each field to get desirable data. 

Ensure Business Process Compliance

Apty’s validation tool ensures data hygiene by nudging your employees when incorrect data is entered within a specific field. 

Accelerate Software Adoption Across the Organization

Apty simplifies digital transformation and change management with its powerful analytics stack that helps you through the software adoption cycle.

Analyze Activity Patterns

Create workflows on how users should be completing their activities and track compliance vis-a-vis the defined processes. 

Track Goals and Measure the Impact

Apty Goals help you to monitor, analyze and predict the progress of process adoption and track its completion rate. 

Evaluate Training Effectiveness

Understand how each user segment is leveraging the training and onboarding content and update your material accordingly. 

Go Beyond Surface-level Metrics

Simply analyzing login rates and average sessions won’t do. With Apty’s powerful analytics and reporting, you can drive real adoption by analyzing how they interact. 

Accelerate Software Adoption Across the Organization

Digital Adoption Platform by Application

Enterprise applications are typically built for scale, and not for ease of use. But with Apty you can
steer through even the most complex applications and use them effortlessly - be it Salesforce,
Workday, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other web-based enterprise apps.

Digital Adoption Platform for Salesforce

With Apty organizations can leverage Salesforce to its fullest potential and make the most of their investment.

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Digital Adoption Platform for MS Dynamics

Navigation through MS Dynamics to complete the Sales process can be challenging. With Apty you can simplify it and bring Sales reps to speed.

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Digital Adoption Platform for ServiceNow

Handling Service Requests and creating Incidents in ServiceNow can be challenging. But not anymore with Apty.

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Digital Adoption Platform for Workday

Overcome Workday complexities with Apty to ensure successful Workday adoption and empower your workforce to use it to the fullest.

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While the typical components like workflows and tooltips are great, I find activity tracking the most exciting.
Apty is excellent for user adoption, training, and onboarding. The tool makes it easy to develop workflows and the like, which makes...
This is a solution that my company has needed for a long time. We received demonstrations from multiple DAP companies and working with...

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Ready to See it in Action

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