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As the best Whatfix alternative, Apty ensures end-to-end digital adoption through easier content creation, personalized DAP strategies, faster time to value, and improved employee experiences.

How Apty Stacks Up Against Whatfix

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Built for Enterprises

Apty is an enterprise DAP that simplifies onboarding & learning, scales quickly and efficiently, offers multi-language learning, deploys globally within weeks, optimizes change management strategies, and ensures end-to-end digital adoption to maximize the ROI of your enterprise tech stack.

Faster Time-to-Value

Apty is a low- to no-code cloud-based platform that empowers your leaders to quickly analyze & deploy contextual training targeted toward different user segments within your organization without reliance on IT. Instead of months, you can kickstart your digital transformation & adoption journey within weeks.

Proactive Adoption Analytics

Apty’s clean analytics design helps you understand where your business process workflows need adjustments and which user groups need more help. You can ensure data integrity through field validations, enforce process compliance with targeted messaging, and get meaningful data to make informed business decisions in real-time.

How Apty Stacks Up Against Whatfix

According to G2's User Satisfaction Ratings, Apty tops Whatfix in more than 20 segments.

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Apty Customer Success team helped to build out all of our critical workflows and helped us go live in less than 4 weeks. They are extremely helpful, quick to respond, proactive and..... Read Review on G2

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