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Digital Employee Onboarding – The Only Guide You’ll Need

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Many businesses offer an enviable employee experience outside of the work setting – like offering the best on-premise amenities, world-class dining options, a lounge to cool off, etc.

But truth is that you could still be battling an enormous employee turnover rate because your organization’s processes are neglected.

Fixing internal processes to provide an efficient work environment for your employees is just as big a factor in retaining them as certain other perks can be. Effective employee onboarding is one such internal process.

Onboarding is the best opportunity for you to introduce your company culture and inspire loyalty in new hires.

Research by Glassdoor found that companies with a strong onboarding process improve new employee retention by 82% & productivity by 70%.

Onboarding is the foundation of the employee-employer relationship. So, make sure you give them the best possible onboarding experience.

When done properly & effectively, Digital Employee Onboarding can lead to incredible outcomes.

To get a deeper understanding of what you can expect with Digital Employee Onboarding, we’ve covered the following in this guide:

What is Digital Employee Onboarding?

Digital Employee Onboarding is the process of leveraging digital tools & technology to onboard your new hires. Companies use Digital Onboarding to create a cost-effective & efficient employee onboarding process.

Digital new hire onboarding provides 24/7 access to the information they want, rather than explaining things they already know). This helps your new hires to learn quickly & effectively.

Current Onboarding Scenario

Many companies still hold on to the traditional onboarding methods. The traditional onboarding process demands your new hires to participate in training programs for long hours, if not days.

It is time-consuming for both the employee & the employer. The longer the onboarding process, the higher the chance that your employees might get frustrated and possibly churn.


Organizations take a fairly passive approach when it comes to onboarding. Things that are almost always confused to be the be-all-and-end-all of onboarding.

Especially with things like paperwork, company policies, work tools, roles & responsibilities information that your new hires must understand. But what needs to be acknowledged is that spending too much time on just these activities is not everything.

Most often, new employees are bombarded with too much information in their first week. This is a bad practice. You must have a new employee onboarding guide or an effective checklist in place and stick to it.

Tips for creating an awesome Digital Onboarding Experience

In the digital world, employees expect seamless onboarding & training experiences that simplify their work. With the technology & tools available today, you must provide the best onboarding experience.


The following are some effective tips that you can follow to create an awesome Onboarding experience for your new hires.

a. Do your research

Analyze your existing onboarding process and search for areas of improvement. Communicate with your new hires to find out their issues & pain points.

Always remember, the digital employee onboarding process needs to start from day 0. You must keep them engaged & slowly integrate new hires into the organization. Paperless Digital Onboarding is more efficient & compliant.

b. Automate & streamline the Onboarding process 

This makes it easy for your employees to navigate & engage in their initial days. Every learner is unique. Understand the learning style of every individual and provide them what they needed. Have a virtual meeting & aid them at every possible instance.

c. Assign a mentor

Find a team member who is knowledgeable & friendly. Remember not to overwhelm your new hires. The mentor must be in charge of teaching them the ins & outs of your organization & how to perform their daily tasks.

Create a progress bar or checklist that enlightens employees where they stand & how far they need to go.

d. Give them a good head start

Start your digital onboarding with excitement. Create curiosity about what they are going to learn. Show some statistics or graphs that how their work will have an impact on the organization’s growth.

e. Set metrics & timelines

You must have a measuring unit. Your employees may not be aware of how long it takes to complete certain tasks, typically. Set timelines (the average time a task should take) and the right expectations. Do frequent check-ins to ensure everything is going as per the agenda.

Benefits of Digital Employee Onboarding

Let us understand some benefits that explain the need for digital employee onboarding.


For any business to be successful they must effectively utilize their time. Digital onboarding processes are much less time consuming than any other traditional methods. Flexibility is the key to the success of onboarding digitally. Employees can learn at their own pace and in their own time.

Onboarding digitally requires less manpower which helps you to cut down on expensive one-to-one trainings or classroom trainings. Online or digital onboarding is more personalized & improves the engagement of every employee effectively whereas achieving this via the traditional means is very tedious.

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You can begin your digital or online onboarding right from day 0 (even before the arrival of new hires). All the information (like handbooks, learning modules & manuals) is made available online which makes it easy for information access anytime & anywhere. Be it a team of 50 or 50,000, your information is consistent, accurate & up-to-date.

Digitizing your onboarding process reduces paperwork and allows the HR team to focus on more important things like making the new employees comfortable & happy. Digital Onboarding helps to boost employee engagement and keep your workforce satisfied over time. Queries & pain points can be addressed quickly & effectively.

Pro tip: Best Employee Onboarding Software

If you are looking for a digital employee onboarding software or a versatile digital tool to address onboarding & training challenges, then a Digital Adoption platform is your best bet.

A Digital Adoption Platform like Apty helps you in many ways – Digital Employee Onboarding & Training, Product Adoption, Business Continuity, Change management, and more. Your new employees can learn within your application with the help of interactive software walkthroughs.

Apty is cost-effective, efficient and the only digital employee onboarding software that follows the DAP cycle (understands employee interactions with your product and then creates personalized walkthroughs).

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