Employee Training & Onboarding Software Built for Enterprises

Apty’s Onscreen Guidance helps create effective Employee Training and Onboarding, eliminating the need for ineffective and tedious Training Programs.

Why Apty is the Best Tool for Employee Training?

How Apty Can Help

With Apty’s Onscreen Guidance, new employees can start using business software from their first day, with no additional training sessions. Traditional employee Training and Onboarding methods are slow and ineffective. Apty empowers employees to fully learn, use and adopt your Enterprise Software in a couple of days, not weeks.

Guaranteed With Apty

  • Decrease Employee Training costs by up to 60%
  • Provide real-time support to employees, 24x7
  • Improve Employee knowledge retention
  • Increase Employee performance & productivity

Create High-Impact Employee Training & Onboarding

Create an Engaging Onboarding Experience

Create Engaging Onboarding

Companies with an engaging onboarding retain 91% of their first-year workers and can expect their employees to be nearly 2x more productive than those who were not onboarded. Apty makes employee onboarding easier for you and delightful for new hires!

Crush the Traditional Forgetting Curve

Crush The Forgetting Curve

Employees forget 70% of learnings from training session within 24 hours.  Apty’s 24x7 guidance helps them access it whenever they need it. Plus, since Apty helps employees learn on the job, they’ll remember and master a process faster.

Improve Your Employee Training ROI

Improve Employee Training ROI

Traditional training can be very expensive. In addition to the loss of employee productivity, you could have to pay for hiring an instructor, travel, lodging, and food. Training with Apty delivers better results at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

How Employee Training Works with Apty

Create Effective New Employee Onboarding Experiences

Motivate your new employees from Day One, with Interactive Training & Onboarding Programs, designed for impact

Increase the ROI of your Employee Training Programs

Apty is a boon for Learning & Development Teamshelping you create software walkthroughs, simply & quickly

Shorten Learning Curve with Interactive Workflows

Create effective training content that empower employees to fully leverage and adopt your Enterprise software

Make Change Management Seamless & Hassle-free

Be it software migration or new software deployment, Apty makes Software Change Management simple and friction-free

Personalize Employee Training with Data-driven Insights

No two employees are alike. Understand your employees’ training needs and provide help as and when they need it


The Complete DAP for Employee Training & Onboarding


Building and maintaining Employee Training Materials is easier than ever with Apty. Export Workflows as a PPT, PDF, webpage, or as a SCORM object to use in your Learning Management System.


Apty’s onboarding checklists make sure every employee completes the training they need to do their job. This way you can ensure that new employees get started with their role from the first day.


Apty enables you to customize your employee training by role, location, or other custom segments. This is important in ensuring that the training that employees receive are relevant. 


Apty’s advanced tracking tools help you identify exactly where your employees are struggling and need help so you can build new support and training content to help them overcome those challenges.

FAQs - Employee Training & Onboarding

1. What is Employee Training?

Employee Training is about guiding your employees on how to go about performing specific tasks, within their role, to empower them to get familiar with their day-to-day functions.

2. What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee Onboarding is the process of equipping new hires with the skills, tools, and knowledge the need, relating to their role and to help them adjust faster and more seamlessly.

3. What is the best Employee Training Software?

There are several Employee Training Tools & Software available to suit your specific business needs. Apty’s Enterprise ROI Maximizer is designed especially for Enterprises that are looking to improve their Employee Training & Onboarding methods. Take a look at it now!