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$5.4 Mn in Post Seed Funding – The Possibilities & Opportunities ahead

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We are super excited to share with you our post-seed funding of $5.4M, led by Companyon Ventures with participation from Gaingels, Mediaapps, MyAsia, and Creative Co Capital, while the previous round was led by Reformation Partners.

This is a huge moment for us, at Apty, considering that this is the first outside investment so far. While the funding itself presents great business opportunities, it has also served as an enormous validation of our success in the world of Digital Adoption.  

We would love to take this moment to thank our customers for being our biggest driving force, our partners for helping us scale this far, and of course, every single member of the Apty family for your unwavering support and trust in the company.  

The Apty journey thus far… 

In 2017, our Founder and CEO Krishna Dunthoori, after several years of experience in helping Enterprises overcome their challenges with software adoption, set out to make Enterprise Software adoption easier. That was the birth of letzNav, an onscreen guidance tool that was built to simplify Enterprise software for end-users.  

In 2019, letzNav was rebranded to become Apty, a tool that was so much more than just an onscreen guidance tool that helped users navigate through complex applications.  

In just over three years, Apty has won over several Industry Giants like Delta Airlines, Boeing, Mary Kay and Hitachi. This could not have been possible if the product didn’t prove its mettle. At the core of our objectives is the need to steadily cater to the needs of the clients and stay ahead of the curve. 

The Future of Digital Adoption 

We are proudly confident that the solution we offer is one-of-a-kind and more powerful than any other DAP in the market today. The product we’ve put together at Apty is the culmination of years of experience in the field, and with an expertise that only comes with understanding the pain points from within the industry. It is this extensive hands-on experience that gives Apty the distinction of being the world’s first and only DAP that promises absolute Digital Adoption.  

What is absolute about Apty’s Digital Adoption, you ask?   

We are the only Digital Adoption Platform in the market to understand the importance of marrying tech adoption with process adoption.  

This is crucial to your business because no matter how state-of-the-art your technology investment, you will always struggle with adoption unless you streamline process compliance. Apty helps you tackle both these issues on a single platform.  

With its highly nuanced features, Apty helps you ensure that your employees are just as process-compliant as they are software-proficient. We help you maximize the return on tech investments by empowering you with detailed analytics on how well they are being utilized, so you can take action accordingly and always stay on top of the adoption game.  

This is the future of Digital Adoption.  

Enterprises will no longer have to look at process compliance and digital adoption in isolation because real digital adoption happens when both these aspects work together 

And only Apty makes it happen.   

Enterprise Digital Transformation with Apty 

With great power comes great responsibility.

This focus for us with this round of funding is to expand our global footprint by doubling the sales team, increasing marketing spend and investing in additional Enterprise application Support.  

With Digital Transformation increasingly becoming a business priority for every Enterprise, enabling them to realize their vision is one of the biggest objectives for us. The deeper the digital proficiency of the workforce, the higher the digital maturity of the Enterprise.  

Words from our Investors  

“We were very impressed with Krishna as a bootstrapping, repeat entrepreneur in a space in which he has a decade head start delivering superior client-focused solutions to a blue-chip customer baseWe were excited to provide the first outside capital to an efficient enterprise software business with strong fundamentals to step on the gas and make Apty synonymous with the digital adoption megatrend,” Jim HaoManaging Partner, Reformation Partners.

“It didn’t take us very long to decide that Apty is a great company to back, and Krishna a great founder to invest in. What most impressed us is Apty’s complete understanding of how large enterprises struggle with digital transformation and the challenges their employees face in conforming to complex business process workflows. Krishna’s vision resulted in a solution that is geared for the enterprise process and not merely the primary SaaS application that supports a subset of that process,” Firas Raouf, Co-founder & General PartnerCompanyon Ventures.

To know more on the value that our investors saw in Apty and the strategy behind the investment, CLICK HERE

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