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Top 8 Customer Onboarding Platforms

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Acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones are the biggest business goals. Especially in the new normal that is now upon us, it is of paramount importance that companies walk the extra mile to keep their customers, new or otherwise, fully engaged to make sure they don’t take their business elsewhere.

One of the most effective ways to inspire delight in customers and prevent churn is to make sure that you have a flawless customer onboarding process in place. This is crucial because a detailed onboarding gives them the confidence they need initially to get started with using your application.

This apart, it also helps you built product usage and adoption rather quickly because your customers get familiar with it sooner when onboarded properly.  

What is Customer Onboarding? 

Customer Onboarding is the process of introducing your customer to your product, making them understand it completely, and use and adopt it to the fullest potential.  

According to wyzowl, approximately 63% of customers say that onboarding – the level of support they are likely to receive post-sale – is an important consideration in whether they make the decision in the first place.

This only reiterates the importance of customer onboarding. With effective customer onboarding in place, you can lower your churn rate, increase customer retention, provide a better customer experience, reduce support costs, and increase your revenue. 

What is a Customer Onboarding platform? 

A Customer Onboarding software is a tool that helps you to onboard your customers quickly and make them realize the WOW moment of your solution. A Customer Onboarding platform ensures that customers find value in every little feature and offering of your tech solution and that your product is being used to the fullest potential.  

Top 8 Customer Onboarding software

  1. Apty
  2. WalkMe
  3. Whatfix
  4. Userpilot
  5. Appcues
  6. Nickelled
  7. Inline Manual
  8. Chameleon

1. Apty 

Apty is the world’s fasted growing Digital Adoption Platform which helps companies of all sizes transform their onboarding initiatives. Apty’s Customer Onboarding Platform is as powerful as it is easy-to-use.

With its code-free editor, creating onboarding material is quick and hassle-free. As a one-stop solution for all software adoption needs, Apty empowers organizations and employees alike.

Apty follows the Digital Adoption Platform(DAP) cycle, that helps you understand your employees’ interactions with the application and analyze the way it is being used. It gives you a complete picture of where your users are getting stuck so you can proactively resolve challenges by providing them with the right help content as and where needed.  

Apty’s advanced analytics gives you detailed information on how your workflows, tooltips, announcements, launchers are being used, and basis these actionable insights you can deliver a superior software training experience to your workforce.  

2. WalkMe 

WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform that makes your customer onboarding effortless. They provide various solutions such as customer onboarding, customer care, and customer success. Combined with proactive, step-by-step guidance and automation your employees can finish their tasks easily and effectively. 

With a customer onboarding platform like WalkMe, you can onboard new employees, improve employee engagement, and reduce churn rates and enhance UX. WalkMe’s key features include comprehensive analytics, effective user onboarding, improved customer experience, and seamless digital transformation. 

3. Whatfix 

Whatfix is a customer onboarding platform that helps you to unlock the full potential of your web-based application. Make your digital adoption journey a successful one by empowering your employees to derive maximum value from your software investments. Use Whatfix metrics to see what flows are used most and identify the ones that must be further built or need to be altered. 

Whatfix, a SaaS solution, make your employee training effective by adding instructions and helps your end-users with customized in-app contexts. Some key benefits of Whatfix include a personalized user onboarding experience, omnichannel presence, on-the-job training, and useful widgets. 

4. Userpilot 

Userpilot is a code-free customer onboarding platform that helps you to increase user adoption by allowing you to provide the right in-app experience at the right time during their journey. Userpilot provides you with a customized product experience that will blend seamlessly with the application.  

The best part is the customized in-app messaging that helps keep your users engaged with timely hints and tips. Userpilot allows you to test your hypotheses to identify dropouts in the user journey. It provides a seamless user onboarding experience based on their persona and helps them achieve company goals.  

5. Appcues 

Appcues is a product-led growth platform that provides better UX that leads to faster adoption and more profitable growth. Appcues make it easy to get actionable insights that help optimize your user onboarding experience. Leverage in-product announcements features that outperform your email campaigns.  

With a customer onboarding platform like Appcues you can onboard and engage your new users, drive your product adoption, collect feedback and user data, deliver personalized in-product campaigns, and provide self-service support. Also, you can provide on-demand support – when & where your users need it.  

6. Nickelled 

Nickelled is a customer onboarding platform that provides onboarding experiences that are interactive, self-paced, and completely immersive.

With Nickelled, you do not need any software or code installation, as they are delivered from the cloud. Launch a guided tour in minutes without any file change requests or coding skills.

With a platform like Nickelled, you can get good insights into how your customers are using the product and understand where they need help. Create new workflows, without recording the entire workflows again, and update the new version in minutes. 

7. Inline Manual

Inline Manual is a SaaS onboarding platform that allows onboarding teams to build product tours, videos, interactive tutorials, announcements, and support articles that are all incorporated right into your app. You can also work together with your team to produce onboarding content.

A suitable alternative for small software companies to onboard customers more practically, based on pricing. It allows you to quickly save and change onboarding content to accommodate updated versions of your app. Provides several onboarding contents and displays content to customers according to the path they take.

8. Loom

Loom happens to be another great customer onboarding software. Loom is a video recording format supported beneficial for your product’s informational message and step-by-step guide. Also, it can access and operate different device specifications that businesses can use for their external and internal communication, which is the most necessary feature for their customer’s interaction and support.

Loom helps business personnel to create a platform where video sessions are being done and the customers get to know about their product features. It promotes good communication between the team and customers with the extra aid of sharing important videos through different platforms if necessary.

Best Practices of Customer Onboarding

The Customer onboarding experience should be specific to your employees and their needs. Each account should be individualized through valuable experiences, client portals, personal profiles, and readily available support.

It’s not enough to have a good product, you need to make sure that your customers know how to use it, otherwise they’ll be lost and frustrated.

  • Define what you expect from the customers to the employees and set appropriate and achievable milestones rather than unachievable ones.

  • Customize the experience, onboard your team, and gather sufficient data associated with the onboarding process. Ensure that the onboarding process you set is accessible to all, repeatable, and flexible.

  • Focus on building the relationship with the customers, try to communicate with them as much as possible, and follow up once the onboarding process is complete. Assess the customer needs continuously and onboard product add-ons.

  • Make it as easy as possible. If the onboarding process is difficult or complicated, customers are much more likely to decide to walk away altogether. Provide assistance at their disposal. If they have a question or need help, they should be able to reach out and get the assistance they need right away.

  • Allow users to bypass extensive, detailed explanations if they are not interested. This gets them into the swing of things and gives them the option to depart if they aren’t comfortable with the onboarding process.

Why is customer onboarding software so important?

Customer onboarding software increases user adoption and reduction rates by teaching the new users how to use the app and get the most out of it, decreases customer support costs by offering self-help services to the customers in the form of tooltips, videos, and walkthroughs to understand the features of your product better.

Customer Onboarding Software Benefits 

Helping your customers be more successful can be achieved with onboarding software. Customer onboarding software enables you to teach new users how to use the app and extract more value from it, boosting their likelihood of utilizing it regularly and increasing product adoption.

The onboarding software has a robust and intuitive user interface that allows employee onboarding to be effortless. It also has a user portal that is easy to navigate around and great customer service. It offers in-depth analytics on user activity, allowing you to see how your employees are performing.

Based on user behavior in your product, customer onboarding software gives you information on which aspects new customers are utilizing and which features they’re most interested in. They also provide customers with self-service support in the form of videos, walkthroughs, and tooltips, decreasing the need to contact customer care.

Why Apty is the best customer onboarding software:  

Apty has been the highest-rated Digital Adoption Platform on G2, for the last four quarters consecutively. Apty powers the onboarding efforts of several Fortune 500 giants, helping them overcome challenges relating to not just onboarding but also digital adoption, digital transformation, change management and more.

With Apty, you can reduce your onboarding & training costs up to 60%. If you’re still on the fence about which Onboarding tool to invest in, we recommend seeing Apty in action and find out for yourself why Apty is the best one around. 

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