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Top 7 Amazing Employee Training Software

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In the constantly changing workforce training environment, it is important for you to ensure that employee learning & development is going on according to plan. And nothing gets this done as efficiently as an employee training software does.  

In the corporate world, every minute counts. The time that your employees spend in training is in a way “non-productive. Also, consider this stat.  

According to a study by Middlesex University for Work-Based Learning, more than 21% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days.

To overcome this, companies must leverage employee training and development software – a tool that will help identify the engagement level of your employees, find out course completion rates, ensure high productivity, and satisfy all your enterprise training requirements.  

Make sure you train your employees well and encourage them to stay loyal to your company. If you want to get the most out of your employees and achieve your organizational goals,consider leveraging the best employee training software or create a homegrown training program software. In either case, it is important to consider your employees and customize the whole training program in line with their needs.

But before comparing different training software, let’s understand:

What is training software?

Training software acts as a vehicle that carries information and knowledge content to impart training to users via online channels. It helps an organization to monitor the progress of their users and the efficacy of the training content.

Online training software enables organizations to create customized knowledge content for different user groups and deliver a training experience that they desire.

It is used by organizations of all sizes to train customers, partners, and employees. The aim is to help users to accomplish their tasks.

We know how hard is to find the best tool for your exact business requirements, so we’ve handpicked some of the best employee training platforms out there in the market.

What are the Top 7 Employee Training Software?

  1. Apty
  2. TalentLMS
  3. LearnUpon
  4. TalentCards
  5. ProProfs
  6. Litmos
  7. Docebo

1. Apty

Apty, a versatile employee training software, is a Digital Adoption Platform that helps your employees learn your product in real-time and make them productive right from day 1. Apty also acts as an employee training platform and takes care of all your enterprise training needs, covering your entire software stack. Apty’s On-screen guidance clearly shows your employees what and how they should perform. 

Apty helps you to quickly create and publish walkthroughs to onboard your new hires or introduce employees to new features. Leverage the power of personalized walkthroughs to increase employee engagement and productivity 

Why Apty? 

  • In-app employee training  
  • Real-time guidance and faster onboarding
  • Employee usage analytics and proactive insights
  • Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies including Boeing, Delta Airlines, Mary Kay, etc 

PS: In case you’re thinking we are biased, we are not the only ones who say that – Apty has been the highest-rated Digital Adoption Platform on G2, for the last four quarters consecutively.  


2. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is an excellent employee training software that helps your businesses provide effective training to your employees, customers, and partners. It is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS). TalentLMS allows you to start your employee training hassle-free, with a collection of ready-made courses. 

With TalentLMS you can build your training courses from scratch. You can host your virtual employee training sessions right on this employee training platform. TalentLMS implementation is very simple and quick. It also allows you to create as many separate training audiences as you want and controls it all from a single account. 

Why TalentLMS? 

  • Flexibility and reliability 
  • Helps to automate your training  
  • Best User and administrator experience 

3. LearnUpon

LearnUpon LMS, another powerful employee training and development  software that accelerates your business growth. It is a one-stop solution to centralize & streamline employee training management across your organization. It allows you to provide a consistent employee training program that helps users understand how to use your software. 

Without overwhelming your workforce, LearnUpon is an online training program software that helps to scale your employee training programs automates everyday tasks to run your critical training courses smoothly. LearnUpon LMS ensures a goal-driven onboarding strategy that accelerates new-employee success, through a user-focused solution and acts as a comprehensive training program software.

Why LearnUpon? 

  • Userfriendly and customizable 
  • Gamification and Multilingual Interface 
  • Best customer support and account management 

4. TalentCards 

TalentCards, an innovative employee training software, allows you to easily and quickly create bite-sized learning content called “cards” which can be accessed by your employees whenever they need them the most. 

TalentCards is the best-suited for training your employees on safety procedures, and new product knowledge. Ihelps businesses to mass-train their employees. 

It allows you to add gamification & assessments to increase your employee engagement and boost retention. You can customize the pages the way you like by adding your organization’s logo, images, and other branding elements. 

Why TalentCards? 

  • Easytouse and mobilefriendly 
  • Easy learning card & story creation 
  • Media management and smart-fit editor 

5. ProProfs

ProProfs LMS is the world’s easiest employee training software. You can use it to create, design, share, and track online courses and tests seamlessly. It features a library of 100+ professionally designed and ready-to-use courses and default templates.

For those who prefer to create their own online training courses, the built-in and intuitive authoring tool can prove handy. In addition, the software supports a virtual classroom, quizzes & surveys, learning paths, powerful integrations, a collaboration tool, and 100+ customizations.

Why ProProfs? 

  • Easy to use
  • Premium course library6. Litmos 
  • Awesome support

6. Litmos 

he SAP Litmos Training learning management system (LMS) is an effective employee training software. SAP Litmos is an employee training management software that makes your training program development and delivery simple and constructive. SAP Litmos comes with all the tools that you need to make your employees learn and improve their tech usage. 

SAP Litmos deploys in minutes and is best suited for modern businesses. Litmos is very easy to implement and its easy-to-use interface helps to improve employee engagement. By engaging employees right in the flow of work, the tool ensures employee productivity and improve KPIs across your enterprise.  

Why Litmos? 

  • Easy to create new websites  
  • Monitor the progress from a single dashboard  
  • Multiple options to structure learning experiences 

7. Docebo 

Docebo’s easy-to-navigate interface allows you to develop, organize, and deliver employee training courses quickly and effortlessly. With employee training software like Docebo, you can create great employee onboarding experiences. 7. Docebo Docebo’s easy-to-navigate interface allows you to develop, organize, and deliver employee training courses quickly and effortlessly. With employee training software like Docebo, you can create great employee onboarding experiences. 

Provide effective employee onboarding and training content that encourages your employeeand ensures engagement. Improve employee retention rates with an employee training software like Docebo that puts your workforce at the center of onboarding.  

Why Docebo? 

  • Easy to control access to courses  
  • Flexibility in the creation of pages and Multidomain use  
  • A wide range of options in planning content for learners 

Rating of Top 7 employee training software

Training Software  

User Rating  

Cost Range  

Deployment Type  

Customer Types  



Get Quote   Cloud-hosted  Enterprise and SaaS 


Starts at $59  Cloud-hosted and open API  All 
LearnUpon  4.6  $1250  Cloud-hosted   All 
TalentCards 4.7 Starts at $70  Cloud-hosted   Small, and Mid-sized companies  
ProProfs   4.3  Starts at $50  Cloud   Small and Mid-sized companies  
Litmos   4.2  Get Quote  Cloud and On-premise   Enterprise  
Docebo  4.4  Get Quote   Cloud   Enterprise and Mid-Market 

Benefits of Employee Training Tools

A. Ease of access

With remote work becoming normal, training tools for employees has become an integral part of the training program. It helps L&D professionals to easily curate the course and deliver it to the users in time.

It also helps the admins to create the course in various formats and satisfy the needs of the users. It also acts as a central repository of all the training content which makes it easy for admins to manage and helps users to access it at any time.

B. Analyze the Efficiency

Training platforms for employees comes with an analytics dashboard that helps businesses to track the progress of their employees.

You can measure how much time is required for employees to complete a particular task post-training. How many employees are struggling and how many of them are yet to see course material.

Some of the training software also alerts the admin if the training is at risk. They can identify the segment of learners who are faulting and reach out to them via in-app notification or email.

This improves the training completion rate and overall knowledge of the employees about any application. As a result, the impact might be visible in the objectives that employees complete.

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C. Overcome forgetting curve

70% of what employees learn is forgotten within 24 hours. Continuous learning is something that can counter this problem and reinforce the knowledge.

With training software, bit-sized information can be passed in various formats that an employee can consume at their convenience. They can access only the content for which they need information on and they can easily find it by entering the keyword in the search box.

It saves their valuable time and can help them to straightaway find a solution.

D. Immersive learning experience

Using eLearning software has helped enterprises to boost the employee engagement rate by 18%.

The modern training software grabs the attention of the users at their first interaction and helps them to stay focused on the learning path unless they complete a task.

This not only motivates but also gives confidence to the employees to navigate through new applications.

Elearning is so immersive that it helps employees to consume 5x more content than usual. Elearning has revolutionized the training landscape by increasing the attention rate of the learners.

Best employee training software – Apty

L&D professionals understand that creating new content consumes a lot of time. It takes over 45 hours to create one hour of instruction-led training content while e-learning modules need more than 75 hours to do the same. Usually, this much time goes to personalize the content which is essential for creating a customized experience for every learner group.

But creating interactive and customized content shouldn’t be complex. You can simplify content creation with Apty.

It is one of the few comprehensive Digital Adoption Platforms that have the capability of a mini-authoring tool. It trains the employees within the application and helps the organization track the progress of employees by assisting them in measuring many crucial factors.

It first helps the L&D professionals to analyze the current state of application usage and employee efficiency. Based on this data, they can understand the employees’ pain points and create specific content for them.

Sometimes the created content is not used by the learners, or it becomes difficult to consume in some cases.

As a result, the effort of the L&D professionals goes to waste. But with Apty, they can prioritize their efforts and drastically reduce the content creation time.

As walkthrough creation merely takes a few minutes, converting those walkthroughs into PDFs, PPTs, Web pages, videos, and SCORM content takes only a click. In short, immersive and contextual content can be created in a few hours, that too in multiple formats which cater to different types of learners.

Any training content aims to ensure data hygiene and task completion. Apty’s walkthroughs and tooltips guide employees at each step to complete their tasks, and the data validation tool ensures that the employees are process compliant.

However according to this recent study by Gartner, by 2025, 70% of organizations will use digital adoption solutions across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experiences.

This makes the choice easier for anyone considering an employee training software as a DAP like Apty has all the capabilities of an Employee Training Software plus a lot more. We will be happy to give you a personalized demo of how Apty can suit your exact business needs.

FAQs on Employee Training Software

1. Which is the best learning software? 

Apty is one of the best learning software as it enables immersive learning. It boosts employee productivity and improve the bottom-line by a huge margin. 

2. What is employee training software? 

Employee training software helps to create training content and help employees to learn various aspects of their job using variety of formats like PDFs, PPTs, . 

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