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19 Questions to ask before choosing a Digital Adoption Platform

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Investing in a Digital Adoption Platform can be one of the most transformative business decisions an Enterprise can make, given the myriad benefits that it provides. However, it is not an easy one.  

There are several parameters one will have to take into consideration before investing in a technological solution like a Digital Adoption Platform. From meeting your exact business requirements, to scalability to budget, there are many variables involved in this decision.  

To give you a better understanding of how you should go about this process, we’ve compiled this list of 19 questions for you to consider before investing in a DAP.  

1. Firstly, Why invest in a Digital Adoption Platform? 

According to 2021 Enterprise software worldwide expenditure report, IT spending on enterprise software is around 601 billion dollars worldwide. 

With billions of dollars at stake, enterprises should proactively adopt a tech solution that will help them maximize their ROI from their expensive applications. Plus, with a growing workforce, investing in traditional training methods alone will not do the job because people tend to forget more than 70% of what they’ve learned in classroom training within 24 hours.  

This is why a DAP is the need of the hour for any organization that is keen on improving employee onboarding, training as well as productivity. Not to forget, a DAP also helps companies streamline process compliance and change management.  

In its simplest form, a Digital Adoption Platform provides knowledge discovery without being intrusive.  

2. What are some of the common benefits of a Digital Adoption Platform? 

The biggest benefits of Digital Adoption Platform include: 

  • Improved business process compliance and data quality 
  • Reduced onboarding and training time 
  • Increase in technology adoption rate  
  • Boost in employee performance and productivity 
  • Enhanced User experience and limited IT assistance tickets 

With a Digital Adoption Platform like Apty, you can ensure 

  • 80% reduction in support tickets
  • 70% decrease in time spent on training
  • 3x increase in employee productivity

3. When is it a good time to invest in a Digital Adoption Platform? 

The moment you consider investing in any web-based enterprise application, it is the perfect time for you to consider a Digital Adoption Platform. 

Digital adoption is the one of the most important investments you can make to ensure your business is successful in the long term.  

Digital technologies like a DAP empower you to provide better employee and customer experience as well as to achieve the agility and operational efficiency required to remain competitive.

Managing adoption of your digital solutions without the assistance of a DAP can become a nightmare, and an expensive one at that! With the right DAP, you can maximize your tech RoI significantly.  

4. How does a DAP help build employee engagement? 

Employee engagement is vital to the success of any training program. A Digital Adoption Platform can identify the challenges that your employees face and creates personalized walkthroughs to address the same.

With Apty’s rich user behavior insights, you will also be able to trigger the most relevant help content, personalized to a segment of users. The main objective of any L&D initiative is the employee’s growth and development.

A DAP can truly help you understand where they are struggling so you can customize your training programs accordingly and boost the impact of your L&D initiatives. 

5. How can a Digital Adoption Platform boost employee productivity? 

A Digital Adoption Platform can increase employee productivity and performance by simplifying complex tech solutions. It might be difficult to successfully deploy employee training programs on a global scale, especially in today’s remote work environment.  

Businesses can use a Digital Adoption Platform to customize employee learning in the most effective way possible. Executives can use tooltips, announcements, and walkthroughs to identify training gaps, give mixed-mode training, and boost employee performance. 

6. How can a Digital Adoption Platform keep your employees happy? 

Employee happiness isn’t always linked to monetary rewards. Using complicated enterprise applications can be frustrating to end-users. Also, mundane tasks that can easily be automated can also add to it. With the help of a Digital Adoption Platform, you can simply the technology by providing on-screen guidance, automate tasks and much more to make the employee’s work-life easier.  

7. Where does on-the-job training figure in all of this?  

A Digital Adoption Platform can make learning practical and enjoyable through predictive on-screen guidance, visual tours, interactive guides, and in-app announcements.

The idea is to learn tools while actually using them in real life, rather than in a classroom setting. It enables your employees to adopt tools more quickly and cost-effectively. 

8. How can a Digital Adoption Platform minimize attrition rate? 

Employees become frustrated when new technology is implemented without providing them with the tools they need to adjust and adapt. This could eventually lead to greater employee turnover rates.  

A Digital Adoption Platform provides in-app guidance that can help existing employees use their tech stack to their fullest while also increasing productivity, and improving new employee retention. When effectively utilized, a DAP can motivate employees to focus on the more important tasks, helping them remain engaged and productive.  

9. How effective is a Digital Adoption Platform in remote training? 

When employees are working remotely, training becomes a huge challenge. Having a Digital Adoption Platform can accelerate the remote onboarding and training process. The DAP tool recognizes where the remote user faces roadblocks and guides them accordingly with the help of in-app walkthroughs.  

Contrary to traditional training, a DAP allows you to provide real-time assistance while the employee gets familiar with your processes and new software applications. They no longer have to wait for the trainer or raise support tickets to get a certain query resolved. Everything is just a few clicks away, no matter where in the world you are working from.  

10. What are the 5 must-haves to focus on, while choosing a Digital Adoption Platform?

The must-haves that companies should look for before choosing a Digital Adoption Platform are, 

  • Compliance and Security Certifications 
  • Ease of use and robustness of tool  
  • Content creation and management  
  • Integration and Scalability 
  • Analytics and Reporting 

Ideally, it must cover technical assistance, implementation support, and round-the-clock customer support. Support in the broadest sense is to ensure that your employees get the full potential of your solution. It needs to be 24/7, interactive, and instant. 

11. What security standard should you look for while choosing a Digital Adoption Platform? 

A typical Digital Adoption Platform integrates with any web-based enterprise applications and can have access to sensitive information. That makes it crucial to ensure that the platform has strict information security policies.

A DAP like Apty adheres to proper standards of data security policies and processes. Apty’s network and architecture work on Amazon AWS which provides end-to-end security and privacy. Apty has achieved SOC 2 Type I Security compliance and is also ISO 27001 certified. 

12. What tasks can you automate with a Digital Adoption Platform? 

A Digital Adoption Platform can automate mundane, repeated tasks and makes employees life easier and boosts their engagement rate. With Digital Adoption Platform you can automate processes that are complex and must be performed consistently by employees.  

For example: While using Salesforce, your Sales team members no longer have to open the application for creating Opportunities. With Apty automation, they can just do it in few clicks. 

13. Can a Digital Adoption Platform integrate with your existing systems? 

Yes, a Digital Adoption Platform integrates with any web-based enterprise applications like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, or any other existing back-end system.  

(A DAP can just as easily integrate with any SaaS product to help you onboard, train and help your end-users understand and adopt your software easily.)  

14. How easy is it to create training content on a Digital Adoption Platform? 


Digital Adoption Platform is mainly used to help your users navigate business applications quickly and efficiently. It requires a lot of content creation, which means you need a tool to publish resources that does not depend on technical resources.  

With Apty, anybody can create content easily, irrespective of how tech savvy they are. A DAP like Apty is a no-code content creation platform wherein the L&D team can create content and launch within minutes. 

15. How simple is it to read and comprehend analytics?  

Digital Adoption Platform provides in-depth insights on launchers, walkthroughs, announcements, validations, tooltips and more. These insights can give you complete details and it is very easy to read. You can take decisions and make improvements based on the report. With DAP analytics, you can proactively identify and address the employee pain points. 

16. What are some signs that indicate that it is time for my company to invest in a Digital Adoption Platform? 

  • When you are not realizing the full RoI from your enterprise applications 
  • When you constantly face challenges with user onboarding, training, and adoption.  
  • When your IT & Support team is burdened with unreasonably large volume of tickets  
  • When your employee productivity and performance is low or decreasing 
  • When your employees (remote or otherwise) are unable to adapt to your processes and change management is a hassle.  

17. What is the shelf-life of a Digital Adoption Platform?

In reality, there is no such thing. Digital Adoption is an ongoing process and companies must continuously revisit the wheel to ensure business growth. Incorporating the latest tech along with the right DAP is a must because no company has a static workforce. The larger you grow, the bigger the need for a DAP.

Through a powerful digital adoption platform, you’ll be able to gain efficiency in adoption and streamline process compliance, both of which are crucial to your team and company. 

18. What are some of the Digital Adoption Platforms available? 

The top 5 Digital Adoption Platforms that are available in the market are: 

  1. Apty 
  2. WalkMe 
  3. Whatfix 
  4. Appcues 
  5. Userlane

19. Where can I go to check out the many DAP solutions and see which one suits my requirements the best? 

Head over to one of the most trusted software review site G2 before choosing a Digital Adoption Platform. You can have a look at Top 20 Digital Adoption Platform Software and pick the one that best suits your needs. 

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