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Digital Innovation Leader: Why Apty is Your Best Bet in 2022

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Digital innovation leaders are the modern business commanders since they are the ones trying to maximize and optimize the usage of the available digital assets. They invest in new digital technologies or use the existing ones with the objective of improving business processes and helping the organization to achieve business goals.

The job title may vary from one company to another but the responsibility remains the same that is to drive business outcomes by using technology innovatively.

The aim is to gain a competitive advantage by focusing on business processes within the company as well as capturing digital information across various platforms where the company is present. 

Digital innovation leaders need a reliable solution like a Digital Adoption Platform that can not only ensure successful technology adoption but also enables the organization to analyze the innovation’s impact. 

In a world that is cluttered with applications that use a variety of technologies, innovation leaders need to measure and optimize their strategy for better results. 

Apty’s Digital Adoption Platform does exactly that and helps digital leaders to strategize their innovation strategy better and enhance the business processes drastically.

Here are the few ways in which Apty can help digital innovation leaders to take their organization to next level:

  • Identify, measure, and strategize the innovation
  • Ensure successful transfer of information
  • Create customized experience
  • Ability to understand the changing customer needs
  • Define what value the employees and customers will get
  • Align innovation with business goals
  • Reexamine and optimize your innovation strategy

1. Identify, measure, and strategize the innovation 

Successful organizations are always known for being innovative, especially the ones that stay ahead of the competition. But the need for innovation has increased as the rate of disruption has increased exponentially in the recent past. 

When a new application or technology is injected within the organization then a wave of change takes place. This could impact many processes and systems and could be far more difficult to execute than estimated. 

Recognize, measure, and strategize the innovation

With Apty, leaders can analyze the existing state of their workforce, identify the gaps where new processes or applications need to be brought in. It helps to analyze how fluently and effectively employees navigate through any application and helps you project the success rate. It allows the leaders to define the process path and measure the difference against the actual usage.  

This is helpful in any innovative ecosystem where businesses no longer have the luxury of time. Apty helps to expedite the innovation processes while allowing you to measure the current and potential impact. 

2. Ensure successful transfer of information 

Innovation causes a ripple of change which could create a cloud of uncertainty among stakeholders and employees. This can only be solved through clear communication. Organizations often use traditional communication channels like email which is not bad but considering that the open rate is around 21.5%, it is an unreliable channel of communication. 

However, with Apty leaders can ensure successful transfer of information as they can communicate any type of change within the application that the employees use.  

Ensure successful transfer of information

Apty also allows you to schedule the announcement pop-up and launch walkthroughs, and videos. This will help the users to understand the change in great detail and take the desired action that the organization is expecting them to take.  

The success rate of this communication is high as the pop-up won’t close unless the users read the message and start the walkthrough or video that is placed. 

3. Create customized experience  

Investing in innovation and creating a proper business process is not enough. The employees must use it and produce results that are expected. However, the major obstacle is lack of time, according to the recent Udemy workplace learning trends. This can be countered by helping the L&D professionals with tools that enable your organization to not only create content faster but also stitch an experience that your workforce enjoys. 

With traditional authoring tools, the content creation time is around 49 hours and can take as much as 125 hours. But with Apty, you can create the same content in several formats, in just a couple of hours.  

Create customized experience

The great thing is that the primary content that is created using Apty is a walkthrough that grabs the attention of the users and helps them focus better. Further, every user consumes a different type of content and the L&D professionals can cater to that as well. Converting walkthroughs to PDFs, PPTs, knowledge base articles and videos can happen in an instant. 

All this content can be housed within the application that the employees use which again improves the experience, as the employees, while staying in the same application can access more information.  

The in-app help-deck of Apty acts as a repository of information that provides a deeper level of understanding to the users. Moreover, they learn by doing their tasks too without leaving their desk. 

4. Ability to understand the changing customer needs  

When your customers are using your application or services it is important to understand how effectively they leverage it. 

In some cases, one on one conversation helps while in others a survey can go a long way but in either case, there will be many aspects that can go unnoticed. 

This is especially true when leaders are innovating with the processes that the customers use. To make most of your innovation, it is important to keep track of it and with Apty you can continuously analyze how the users are navigating. 

Ability to understand the changing needs of the customers

It gives you an overview and based on the data, you can drill down and get a granular understanding of the exact step where they are facing the problem. It can also uncover trends. For instance, you may find that most of the customers are dropping off at the first step while those who go to the next step might end up executing the desired action. In such a scenario, we can clearly see that the first interaction is poor and action needs to be taken to make this seamless for the user.  

You can find out the elements or type of content that is helping the customers to use the product better and stay within the platform for a longer duration. It helps you to improve it or scale it further to get even better results. 

5. Define what value the employees and customers will get 

Business leaders must know the value promised by the innovation. Shooting in the dark will not prevent you from successfully riding the wave of innovation but could also lead to a lack of executive buy-in or confidence in the project. 

Define what value the employees and customers will get

Tools like Apty help you to create objectives that you want the users to accomplish by following the new processes, following which you can measure and analyze the impact. It will give you in-depth insights into where the problem is and what aspects of the process need to be tweaked. It also helps you to discover new problems and formulate the right strategy to overcome them. 

6. Align innovation with business goals  

According to PwC, over 54% of companies fail to map their innovative efforts with business objectives. 

Creating an innovative framework that can revamp the business model and change the way you conduct business is easier than actually generating any real impact from it. 

It is important to know where the company wants to reach and whether the innovation is going to contribute towards it or not. Once this part is set, the organization must start focusing on dividing these goals into small objectives and create an objective funnel within Apty. 

This will help you to track whether the goals are at risk or not. Knowing whether or not you are at risk puts you in a better place to proactively plan your next steps.  

7. Reexamine and optimize your innovation strategy 

Digital innovation is an ongoing process where leaders must look to optimize their innovation strategy by regularly analyzing the important KPIs. This will help them to adjust and manage their digital initiatives.

Apty can help Digital Innovation Leaders to track key indicators like-  

  • Error Trend- It shows the average time spent by the end-users on a particular activity.  
  • Active Users- The total number of users increased or decreased over a specified time.  
  • Average session time- It gives you the exact meantime for a user session on any given day. This helps to understand how much time users spend on the application. 
  • Usage per segment- This indicates the usage rate based on segmentation. It helps to identify the user groups who are not regularly using the new applications or technologies. 
  • Content usage- You can also analyze the rate of usage for the content deployed by the L&D team. Based on this, you can optimize the training content strategy. 
  • Goal completion rate- It helps to track the number of users who have completed their tasks and achieved the goal in a defined time.  
  • Probability of completion- This metric helps the organization to become proactive with their digital adoption as it estimates whether the software adoption is at risk or not. 

The job of the Digital Innovation Leaders is challenging to say the least and to handle the disruptions strategically, they need to invest in the right set of tools.  

Apty is an AI-powered Digital Adoption Platform that helps organizations to make most of their technologically advanced applications. It not only helps the end-users to navigate within the application but also provides you with tons of useful insights that can transform your digital adoption efforts. It allows organizations to make crucial calls to improve their Digital innovation strategy and drive the adoption of complex yet innovative applications. 

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