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Clarity PPM Implementation in Airline Industry – Top 3 challenges

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Clarity PPM (or CA PPM) allows the airline industry to administer the life cycle of an entire project. In the airline industry, each project might take 60 to 100 days (on average) to get through the entire process.

So, the implementation must be done as early as possible to ensure faster returns. But, Clarity PPM implementation challenges impede the full utilization of the application.

Overcoming CA PPM implementation challenges can help the airline industry boost their adoption and make the best out of the software.

In this blog post, we discuss the top 3 Clarity PPM implementation challenges that the airline industry faces.

What are the Top 3 Clarity PPM Implementation Challenges in Airline Industry?

  1. Employee fatigue
  2. Product adoption
  3. Resistance to change

1. Employee fatigue 

Employee fatigue can occur because of long hours of working, poor working conditions, product-related problems, and more. An interesting research says fatigued employee productivity costs you approximately $1,200 to $3,100 per employee every year. Another research says, more than 69% of employees feel fatigued at work.  


For example, Employees do certain tasks in CA PPM which is repetitive. In the long run, if employees keep doing the same tasks there is a high chance of committing errors or entering wrong data into the system. This will turn into a serious challenge if not taken into consideration.  

How does this affect you? 

  • Employees can get distracted while performing complex tasks on CA PPM. 
  • They could tend to forget things and the quality of work is compromised. 
  • This could also cause a delay in effective decision-making or judgment. 

When the reasons for employee fatigue are not taken care of, employee productivity gets affected. CA PPM in airlines requires a high level of employee engagement and commitment as they handle sensitive data. Things get complex when employees commit data errors.  

2. Product adoption 

The biggest challenge is to make your employees familiar with the CA PPM application. Adopting Clarity PPM needs proper training in the first place.


Now, what is the effective way of training employees on CA PPM? Which method will best suit your employees? The traditional training methods require countless hours of classroom sessions, training manager’s expenses, and hiring additional support staff, along with infrastructure costs and loss of productivity.  

With traditional training methods, employees spend days to weeks completing the training and only then get hands-on experience. Instead, in-app training can be a much more effective CA PPM training method where you can make your employees productive from Day 1.  

How does poor CA PPM adoption impact you? 

  • Employees take a longer time to complete simple projects. 
  • They are not aware of how to effectively use the application. 
  • There could be a potential increase in employee churn rate. 

Improper CA PPM adoption slows down your Return on Investment and hinders growth. Overcome CA PPM implementation challenges by leveraging the right tool that improves product adoption. The sooner you make your employees familiar with CA PPM the better the outcome. 

3. Resistance to change 

Employee resistance to change is the next big challenge that airline companies might face. Companies face quite some resistance while implementing new software like CA PPM Once the employees resist adoption, it is very difficult to train them on CA PPM and get them onboarded. 

Resistance-to-change (1)

Your efforts might go in vain if your employees are not open to it. An interesting research says, 39% of your efforts will fail because of your employees’ resistance to change. Successful CA PPM implementation is possible only when your employees are ready to accept the changes.   

What are the issues that resistance to change can cause? 

  • It hinders product adoption process. 
  • It affects your Return on Investment on CA PPM.
  • Employees cannot meet your desired level of outcomes. 

Employee resistance to change is easy to overcome if you make them understand “why the change is needed and what’s in it for them”. But the hidden problem lies in making them comfortable with your application. You must have some innovative ideas to make your employees use CA PPM to the fullest potential which is your biggest challenge.  

Overcome CA PPM implementation challenges by leveraging the latest tools that support onboarding, training, and product adoption. A robust Digital Adoption Platform like Apty is the one-stop solution that solves all the above-mentioned challenges and lots more.

We have discussed the solutions to these top 3 CA PPM implementation challenges in a separate blog. We recommend you to have a look at it – CA PPM Implementation Solutions for Airline Industry

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