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Why Your ITSM Strategy Needs a Digital Adoption Platform for ServiceNow

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IT Service Management (ITSM) tools have transcended beyond technical functionality to become strategic pillars in business planning. ServiceNow stands as a trailblazer among the plethora of ITSM tools and technologies that have emerged to enhance service delivery and streamline IT operations. As we live in a world driven by data, the importance of a digital adoption platform for ServiceNow, an ITSM tool that leads the way, is becoming more and more evident.This cloud-based platform delivers robust ITSM solutions, from incident and problem management to change and service level management, enabling organizations to automate and manage their IT services efficiently.

A study by verified market research states – ITSM Market size was valued at USD 8.90 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 27.78 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 15.30% from 2021 to 2028.

As organizations navigate the complexities of digital evolution, the need for a digital adoption platform for ServiceNow is becoming increasingly apparent. However, with the escalating complexity of digital transformation, the mere adoption of new ITSM tools, such as ServiceNow, is insufficient. Organizations often grapple with hurdles, including steep user learning curves, the need for platform customization to address specific business needs, and resistance to change.

This is where the value of a digital adoption platform for ServiceNow comes to the forefront. These platforms unlock the full potential of ServiceNow, not just by aiding in a smooth transition to the platform but also by ensuring its effective utilization to drive optimal outcomes.

So, in an era where ITSM plays a critical role in shaping business strategies, leveraging a digital adoption platform for ServiceNow can be the key to successfully navigating the digital transformation journey, maximizing IT service efficiencies, and gaining a competitive edge.

The Importance of ServiceNow in Modern ITSM

According to 6sense – ServiceNow has market share of 31.56% in IT Asset Management market.

As businesses increasingly transition towards digital platforms, ITSM is critical in ensuring continuity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. In essence, ITSM is a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing, and enhancing how IT is utilized within an organization. It’s all about aligning IT services with business needs.

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ServiceNow, a leading ITSM tool, is renowned for consolidating disparate systems into a single system of record. Its cloud-based platform allows organizations to streamline and automate work, enabling them to be more agile, efficient and create a more user-friendly experience for their employees and customers.

The Cornerstones of ITSM: Incident, Problem, Change, and Service Level Management

Pinkelephant reports – The leading IT Analysts agree that around 80% of all Incidents being reported to the IT Service Desk are caused by Change. ServiceNow caters to four crucial ITSM processes: incident management, problem management, change management, and service level management.

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Each of these processes presents unique features and benefits, which, when optimized, lead to significantly reduced IT service disruptions and improved service delivery.

Understanding the Essential Role of Digital Adoption for ServiceNow

The magic happens when these essential ITSM processes are paired with a Digital Adoption Platform. A DAP helps users master ServiceNow, ensuring they can utilize the platform to its maximum potential. In a nutshell, Digital Adoption for ServiceNow facilitates smoother transitions, better user adoption rates, and subsequently, higher return on investment.

The Challenge: Harnessing the Full Potential of ServiceNow

However, investing in a powerful tool like ServiceNow is just the first step. The true challenge lies in ensuring that employees at all levels fully embrace and utilize the platform to its full potential. The gap between introducing new technology and having users adopt it effectively is often wide. This is where the concept of ‘Digital Adoption for ServiceNow’ comes into the picture. 

Digital Adoption refers to the state where users can utilize digital tools to their fullest capacity, enhancing their productivity and efficiency in the process. This implies more than just logging in and using the tools; it means mastering these digital resources to drive real value for the organization. 

The key to achieving this lies in a Digital Adoption Platform for ServiceNow. 

Why a Digital Adoption Platform for ServiceNow? 

70% of digital transformations fail, often due to resistance from employees. A digital adoption platform can help overcome this hurdle. A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for ServiceNow helps bridge the gap between the technology’s potential and the users’ ability to harness that potential effectively. It facilitates seamless onboarding, continuous learning, and efficient use of ServiceNow. Here are some compelling reasons why your organization needs a DAP:

Seamless Onboarding

A DAP simplifies the onboarding process by providing in-app, real-time guidance. It reduces the learning curve, helps users navigate complex processes, and eliminates the fear of embracing new technology. A Forrester study from 2020 found that DAPs reduced employee training time on apps by 60 percent.

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Increase user adoption

A DAP encourages user adoption by creating personalized experiences for each user. With a DAP, you can create user-specific content and workflows, providing the right support at the right time. “By 2025, 70% of organizations will use digital adoption platforms across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experiences.” – (Gartner, Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms, Melissa Hilbert, Maria Marino, Stephen Emmott, 14 September 2022.)

Enhanced Efficiency 

Ensuring a thorough understanding of the platform, a DAP for ServiceNow empowers users to leverage all the features and functionalities of the tool, increasing Productivity and efficiency.

ServiceNow Adoption Guide

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Reduced Support Costs 

With real-time, context-specific help, a DAP drastically reduces the number of support tickets raised, thereby lowering support costs and freeing up valuable time for the IT support team.

Improved ROI 

A DAP helps businesses extract the maximum value from their investment by ensuring maximum utilization of ServiceNow, thus improving the overall ROI.

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Amplifying the Efficiency of ITSM Processes: The Role of a Digital Adoption Platform for ServiceNow

Incident Management and Digital Adoption

A well-integrated DAP for ServiceNow aids in streamlining the incident management process. It ensures that all incidents are swiftly identified, logged, categorized, and prioritized, improving incident response and recovery times. This automation and streamlining significantly enhance user satisfaction, as incidents are promptly resolved with minimal downtime.

Digital Adoption in Problem Management

In problem management, the goal is to tackle the root cause of the incidents. A DAP enables users to log, analyze, and resolve these problems effectively, thereby reducing their recurrence. As a result, the overall stability of the IT infrastructure improves, and costs associated with incident resolution decrease.

Change Management Elevated by Digital Adoption

Change management aims to control and manage changes to IT services and infrastructure. With a Digital Adoption Platform in place, changes are easier to implement and pose fewer risks and disruptions. The DAP facilitates streamlined planning, scheduling, and implementation processes, ensuring ServiceNow users can carry out changes smoothly.

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Service Level Management Optimized through Digital Adoption

A DAP makes monitoring and reporting on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) simpler and more efficient. Service level management helps establish clear customer expectations and allows for continuous service level improvements. A DAP ensures that the users have the necessary proficiency in using ServiceNow to meet these expectations consistently.

Apty: Spearheading the Drive in Digital Adoption for ServiceNow

When it comes to an efficacious Digital Adoption Platform for ServiceNow, Apty excels with its distinctive capabilities. Apty is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to fulfill their ITSM objectives.

Mitigating Incident Resolution Time with Apty 

Apty’s context-driven guidance assists users in navigating complex tasks within ServiceNow, thereby diminishing the time taken to resolve incidents. Quicker resolution times result in minimal service disruptions, thereby amplifying service availability.

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Empowering Users to Enhance Productivity

Apty’s DAP ensures users can swiftly find information and efficiently resolve IT issues by providing real-time, step-by-step guidance. This leads to augmented user productivity and, in turn, increased customer satisfaction.

Minimizing Service Desk Tickets with Apty

Apty’s self-service capabilities equip users to resolve issues independently, significantly reducing the number of service desk tickets raised. This not only lessens the workload for the IT support team but also enhances the user experience by reducing dependency on external support.

Optimizing and Automating ITSM Processes with ServiceNow and Apty

ServiceNow offers a robust suite of features and functionalities that can help optimize and automate ITSM processes. However, to fully leverage these capabilities, users need to understand and utilize them effectively. This is where Apty comes in.

Digital adoption platform for ServiceNow ITSM with apty

Apty’s DAP helps users navigate the ServiceNow platform, guiding them in real time as they use the application. It provides:

  • Contextual help.
  • Ensuring users can quickly understand and use different features of ServiceNow.
  • Reducing the learning curve and boosting user productivity. 

Here are some ways Apty can help optimize and automate ITSM processes on ServiceNow:

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Identifying and eliminating unnecessary steps

Apty’s on-screen guidance can help users identify redundant steps and guide them on the most efficient way to accomplish tasks in ServiceNow. 

Leveraging automation tools

Apty’s DAP offers interactive walkthroughs that can guide users on how to use automation tools within ServiceNow. 

Implementing self-service options

Apty’s DAP can guide users on leveraging self-service options within ServiceNow, such as the Service Catalog or Knowledge Base, improving user independence and reducing the workload on IT teams. 

Establishing standard operating procedures (SOPs)

With Apty, you can create custom workflows and walkthroughs that can serve as SOPs, guiding users on consistently performing tasks on ServiceNow. 

Monitoring and measuring performance

Apty’s analytics can help organizations understand user behavior on ServiceNow, identify bottlenecks, and implement necessary improvements.

Fostering collaboration and communication

Apty’s contextual in-app announcements and insights can facilitate communication and collaboration among users within the ServiceNow platform. 

Continuously reviewing and improving

Apty’s DAP provides insights that enable continuous improvement of ITSM processes on ServiceNow. 

Collaboration and Continuous Improvement

DAP fosters collaboration among IT teams, offering insights and analytics; it enables continuous review and improvement of ITSM processes, ensuring they stay relevant in the face of changing business needs and technology advancements. 

Integrating a Digital Adoption Platform like Apty with ServiceNow can help organizations overcome the challenges associated with digital transformation. It ensures seamless adoption of ServiceNow, optimizes and automates ITSM processes, and ultimately leads to improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Apty – A Paradigm Shift in ITSM

In the digital-driven setting, ensuring seamless and efficient adoption of ITSM tools like ServiceNow is not just desirable but a business necessity. This is where Apty, a leading Digital Adoption Platform, steps in.

Apty’s innovative approach to digital adoption transcends typical training or onboarding methods. It offers a comprehensive suite of features like in-app guidance, user analytics, automation, and self-service capabilities, making adopting and leveraging ServiceNow straightforward.

By mitigating incident resolution time and amplifying service availability, Apty minimizes service disruptions, thereby augmenting user productivity and customer satisfaction. It’s context-driven support and self-service capabilities equip users to resolve IT issues efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing service desk tickets.

Investing in a robust digital adoption platform like Apty ensures that you are not just investing in a tool but a holistic solution that aids your organization in maximizing the return on your ServiceNow investment. Therefore, leap with Apty and experience the transformation in your ITSM journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the learning curve like when adopting a new digital platform like ServiceNow with Apty?

Apty simplifies ServiceNow adoption, reducing the learning curve with real-time, in-app guidance.

How does a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) like Apty help improve the return on investment (ROI) from ServiceNow?

Apty maximizes ROI by boosting user productivity and streamlining processes, ensuring efficient ServiceNow use.

Can a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) like Apty help with the resistance to change often seen during digital transformations?

Apty eases the transition to new technology, mitigating resistance by offering in-app guidance and personalized experiences.

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