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Employee Software Training & 9 Reasons Why It Is Better With DAP

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Employee software training is important for onboarding and training new employees in an organization. Training employees using a traditional training setup has become challenging. It consumes valuable time that otherwise could be spent productively.

With the recent advent in technology applications like a Digital Adoption Platform helps organizations to provide effective employee software training.

It not only helps businesses to overcome employee training challenges but also offer contextual training to the employee.

9 Reasons Why a DAP is Essential for Employee Software Training

  1. Expertise in Multiple Software
  2. Understand Users
  3. Regular Training Solution
  4. Overcome the Forgetting Curve
  5. Cost-Effective Training
  6. Remote Training and Onboarding
  7. On-demand Training
  8. Digital Transformation Enabler
  9. Understand the Real Value of the Software

1. Expertise in Multiple Software

Every organization uses different types of applications to manage their sales, streamline project management, track HR operations, cater to design requirements and so on. The use cases of enterprise software are innumerable.


Several software are used to make the life of the employees easy and help them meet their goals. Each department in every company follows a particular business process and workflow which is different than the other.

Training employees on all these applications and expecting them to use them on an expert level is unfair. Learning is a gradual process and it is not necessary that even after rigorous training your employees will use the software to its fullest capacity.

It could be confusing for your employees to cope with all these software in one go. They might need time to get familiar with the application.
Solutions like the Digital Adoption Platform can guide your employees in real-time.

It sits right inside the application and helps your employees to navigate through the software. It makes your employee overcome confusion and helps them complete complex tasks.

2. Understand Users

Most of your Learning and Development (L&D) Team’s time goes into preparing the training content for your employees.

It is often found that most of the content that is been created is without an understanding of how the deployed application is being utilized by the user.


Understanding how your users use the application is of paramount importance. It will help you to know:

  • Where are the employees lagging?
  • What type of workflow works and does not work for them?
  • What type of task do they perform within the application?
  • Where do they drop-off?
  • Are they entering the data as they should be?

Well, all this can be analyzed using a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

Once you get all the answers, you can also leverage the DAP to design customized training for each job function.

Further, you would be able to tweak the onboarding flow in such a way that it resonates with your employees.

Each month, large Enterprises spend thousands of dollars on employee training, and knowing where your employees lag will help you create more meaningful training content and a great learning experience.

3. Regular Training Solution

Most of the applications that your employees use professionally are to make them efficient.

But by the time they become familiar and start their journey towards leveraging it effectively, a new update is pushed by the vendor.


Web-based applications like Salesforce and Workday push 3 major updates within a year and series of minor updates in a month to make their platform better.

But such updates usually make things difficult for the employees as their familiarity with the tool is being challenged and their struggle to find their way around the software begins all over again.

Enabling corporate training for every update is not practical for any business as it consumes a lot of man-hours and the cost of arranging a trainer is huge.

There is no better solution for training and retraining your employees than DAP (Digital Adoption Platform).

Any new update can be announced within the application using the notification feature and from there, your employees can be guided from one step to another using a walkthrough till the time they learn the complete workflow.

If it gets overwhelming your employees can revisit the walkthrough and refer the relevant resources as per their convenience.

4. Overcome the Forgetting Curve

German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus coined the term Forgetting Curve in 1885. It refers to how people forget at an exponential rate, and whatever is taught to them will not have any impact if not revised or revisited.


In recent studies, it is been identified that people forget 70% of what they learn in a matter of 24 hours.

According to Forbes, each year businesses from the United States spend a whopping $87 billion on training and development.

Well, because of the poor retention rate most of your investment towards training will go in vain.

Businesses can get most of their training by including DAP in their training ecosystem. It will not only reinforce your traditional form of training but will also make re-training your employees easier, which will increase retention rate.

5. Cost-Effective Training

Traditional training methods are very expensive. No doubt that Employee Software Training is necessary but overspending on training that is not providing desired results is not wise.


If you are providing your employees with classroom or live online training, then chances are you are spending a fortune on not just the infrastructure but also on the trainer’s accommodation, food, fees.

The problem deepens as your employees spend their valuable work-hours away from their desk, sitting through elaborate training sessions.

By using a Digital Adoption Solution like Apty, you get a training tool that sits on the software that your employees are working on. At any given moment it guides them throughout the process. Moreover, your employees are not spending their time away from the desk, rather they are learning smartly by doing the job in real-time.

6. Remote Training and Onboarding

Since early 2020, “work from home” has become the norm and so has remote training.

Training and Onboarding your employees irrespective of the situation is essential for business continuity.


According to Upwork more than 73% of all teams will have a remote worker from 2028. Stats like these signifies the importance of remote training.

Training your employees via a webinar or a pre-recorded sessions is possible but it won’t ensure effectiveness. Add to it, variables like unstable internet connectivity, user distraction, etc which could further hinder the learning experience.

Tools like a DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) can be used to remotely train your employees. They need not be dependent on any instructor, trainer, or support to realize the full capacity of a software. The time to master the application is reduced and the employee is ready to get started with their job within a few days.

7. On-demand Training

Once the training phase is over then the employee is on their own. Of course, the support team, colleagues, or the L&D team will guide but for some smaller doubts, employees might hesitate to ask for help.


To overcome this hurdle, an on-demand training application like DAP can be used to guide your employees. The in-app guidance feature consists of all the relevant resources, documentations, knowledge-base links, and walkthroughs that your employee might need.

They can access this as and when they need it without feeling shy to ask for help or bothering anyone else.

Unlike other training methods, with DAP your employees are provided with to-the-point information and assistance. This helps you to reduce the support tickets.

8. Digital Transformation Enabler

If your organization is digitally driven then chances are your organization is under Digital Transformation.


The digital strategy is planned by keeping the needs of the organization at the focal point.

As the focus of businesses in this digital world is towards making the business process simpler, more digital tools will be deployed.

To cope with these digital applications and to sustain your transformational efforts, you need a Digital Adoption Platform like Apty that can ensure seamless Digital Transformation by enabling smooth Digital Adoption.

9. Understand the Real Value of the Software

Sometimes businesses buy an application and expect it to show immediate results. But the harsh reality is that you can only truly see positive impact from any software when it is effectively utilized.

It is necessary to understand the real value of the software to take the necessary steps.


If you’re wondering how to analyze the value of a software, consider the following questions:

  • How often the application is being used
  • The engagement rate
  • How long the employee stays within the application
  • Do they complete the process or manipulate it?
  • How long does it take to complete a basic task?

These questions will help you to know what value you are getting out of your software. It can be analysed using the Intelligent Digital Adoption Platform which provides you with complete application analytics.

If you are getting positive value, then good.

But if you are getting negative value, then you have to optimize the whole process and retrain your employees using contextual training methods like DAP.

Employee Software Training With DAP

Employee software training with DAP is a cost-effective solution. It helps you reduce support tickets, training costs, and enables you to increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

The Modern DAP is powered by AI and Machine learning which makes this training method intelligent, intuitive and of high quality.

DAP bridges the gap of traditional training and helps you to train your employees irrespective of their location.

Overall Digital Adoption Platform is a complete package that enables training amid modern challenges and ensures efficiency.

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