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Decoding The Forrester New Wave™ Report: Digital Adoption Platform, Q4 2022

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This Forrester New Wave™ Report by Forrester Research, Inc., evaluates the emerging market for Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) based on ten criteria. They analyzed the 10 top vendors in the market, where each vendor was designated a score and then placed accordingly in the Forrester New Wave™ as leaders, strong performers, contenders, or challengers.

*Learn more about the Forrester Wave Methodology.

Enterprise DAPs are excellent in what they do, and their offerings have gradually diversified, satisfying a multitude of organizational digital transformation use cases with detailed analytics, simplified user interfaces, and adapted admin portals. While these DAP solutions are great, the million-dollar question is, will they be able to meet your ever-evolving enterprise business needs?

The last decade saw many changes: the major one being consumer behavior. The post-COVID era saw more traditional businesses moving online and large enterprises adopting agile approaches. Customer and employee experience took center stage, and innovation drove those initiatives to the forefront as users now expect seamless integrations and elevated user experiences from their business software as they do from the apps they use in their everyday lives.  

Although the next five years are unpredictable, organizations can prepare for better digital adoption. Trends reported by Everest GroupGartner, and Forrester support why enterprises are investing more and including DAPs in their digital transformation plans for 2023.

Investing in these technologies will offer corporations more profitable ROI, implement future-ready software, push for process compliance, use best practices and methodologies, and pave the way for innovation and quickly adaptable environments. In this digital world filled with options, selecting the right DAP vendor can be challenging. The most reliable course of action is to invest in a solution that can cater to your long-term vision and help you:  

  • Enable seamless cross-application training and onboarding experience. 
  • Enforce proactive process compliance across the organization. 
  • Accelerate your overall transformation efforts by interpreting and applying in-depth application adoption insights. 

According to Forrester, DAPs Catalyse Digital Transformation Efforts:

Drive The Adoption And Use Of Enterprise Software

By segmenting users and tailoring learning experiences to job-specific roles, DAPs can improve adoption efforts. DAP elements like tracking user engagement, personalizing messaging, automizing processes, and allowing on-demand support all “help users better engage with enterprise software.” By placing ownership of these processes and workflows on the user, DAPs reduce IT involvement, support tickets, and time to implementation. 

Improve the visibility of customer- and employee-facing applications

DAPs track user journeys through applications, revealing bottlenecks and points of frustration. Advanced enterprise DAPs can influence behaviors by guiding users through a process and can further manage digital and process change management initiatives.  

Boost The Return On Investments In Employee-Facing Software

Software choices are abundant nowadays. Enterprises deploy about 364 applications on average, and employees use more than one of those apps at any given time to complete key business processes. On average, only 45% of company apps are used regularly. Forrester acknowledges that DAPs “help enterprises understand the value of their current application environment and optimize licensing based on insights.

Learn more about software usage, DAP types, DAP best practices, and more by downloading “The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Digital Adoption Platforms.”  

The DAP Analysis: 

The Forrester report gives you a better understanding of what each vendor provides at a macro level. But the differentiators lie in the details, and it is vital to analyze which vendor is future-ready and fits the specific needs of your business. 

Criteria Forrester Used to Evaluate DAPs: 

The Forrester New Wave™ report evaluates DAP vendors on 10 criteria. Each of these criteria is important, but a select few help you pick the right one for your organization. 

Content/Learning Management:

A foundational capability that any DAP vendor should include. The initiation of content management as a DAP features evolved in 2011. A minimum requirement for a DAP includes the ability to create content that guides users’ interactions within the application. 

While creating content is important, managing and optimizing content is the current objective. The organization does not want the added stress of analyzing and interpreting its own DAP support content to figure out optimization initiatives and best practices.  

The modern DAP vendor provides content insights that help them to understand what type of content is working and whether they need to keep creating content for specific business processes or not. This added feature makes content optimization simpler while eliminating guesswork and reducing manual effort. 

Usage and adoption Management:

The DAP space is moving beyond balloons and tooltips. Enterprises want to drive software adoption, and this is where a DAP that measures and tracks adoption across several applications and processes comes into the picture. 

The modern digital adoption platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which helps to simplify user journeys. 

Analytics and Insights:

The future of the DAP industry depends on the efficiency of the analytical models created by the DAP vendors. This will determine – 

  • How effectively can they analyze the cross-application adoption and failure rate 
  • The effectiveness with which the platform predicts user adoption 
  • The type of actionable recommendations the platform provides to the admins to eliminate the software adoption issues. 

A Message from Apty’s Director of Product Management:

“The DAP industry is a gold mine filled with opportunities to discover and unearth. As the industry transitions from simple on-screen guidance to more complex enterprise software adoption opportunities, Apty is well-positioned to pioneer the next wave of innovative DAP capabilities. I am humbled to be part of this tremendous growth.”

– Jimmy Newton

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