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Apty’s Strategic Partnership with MS Dynamics – What it Means

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According to CIO magazine, one-third of all customer relationship management (CRM) projects fail. There were several causes – data integrity issues, technology limitations, software adoption challenges, training barriers, and more.  

But according to Scott Edinger, author of “The Hidden Leader,” the failure rate is close to 90%

That is a substantial number, but with the latest technological advancements, organizations can overcome these challenges in no time. 

How to Help Solve CRM Project Failures: 

Well, a Digital Adoption Platform like Apty can help eliminate most of the CRM adoption challenges, which could improve the success rate across the organization.  

Apty is one of the few Digital Adoption Platforms that work seamlessly with any CRM application. When it comes to MS Dynamics 365, the recent update has given it an edge and could simplify the workload on MS Dynamics admins. 

With this new strategic partnership, the Apty widget is available in the MS Dynamics environment and can be installed directly. 

However, earlier, the deployment of Apty was only possible through the chrome store. Where each Tenant has a unique extension for their Apty Widget. As a result, multiple tenant extensions were required for multiple Tenants.  

But with the availability of Apty Widget in Microsoft AppSource, organizations just need to add a single extension without any tenant specification.  

Microsoft AppSource is an online store for apps that can be integrated within Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform services. This approach makes it easy for any organization to install the app within MS Dynamics 365 platform. 

But the million-dollar question is, what does this mean for Enterprises? 

Well, getting a new extension from the chrome store is difficult for any organization. This needs approval from IT because of security concerns. And IT is inundated with support tickets and extends your time to implementation. 

However, Apty’s widget extension in Chrome is robust and secure. With this new Microsoft update, the life of the application admin in the organization is made easier. The approval process cycle and time to implementation are decreased, and the admins can instantly deploy any recent updates on their own without being dependent on their IT support team.  

This also means that your IT team can now focus on other high-priority support tickets. It is a win-win for Apty admins, departmental heads, and the IT team. Your IT team will thank you! 

The new change might create doubts, but it changes nothing when it comes to functionality. The only front-end change that has happened is the accessibility of the Apty widget and ease of deployment. 

You can now deploy it for your MS Dynamics platform with this step-by-step guide– Install Apty Widget from MS Dynamics 365 


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