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Top 6 Business Process Management Challenges to Address Immediately

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Business Process Management (BPM) is often misunderstood as just a software solution, but it is so much more. BPM involves a comprehensive approach to process management that considers the complete process from start to finish. While it may include some robotic processes, they are only a small portion of the overall plan.  

Processes differ by location or business divisions, particularly organizations that operate in several regions. Consumer segmentation and local practices can also result in variances in the services supplied. Both of these aspects make your business process management challenging. 

A survey report on BPM trends says that 62% of companies have only up to 25% of their business processes modeled, which indicates that there is a huge room for improvement. To fill this gap, leaders must understand the challenges in Business Process Management, which when addressed immediately can help businesses transform successfully. 

What are the Top Business Process Management Challenges?

  1. Onboarding employees onto new IT systems
  2. Ineffective Organizational Agility
  3. Setting the right KPI
  4. Lack of executives buy-in
  5. Data redundancy and error
  6. Communication and Time management

1. Onboarding employees onto new IT systems 

Onboarding is a major business process management challenge right now because of the difficulties inherent in incorporating new hires into remote teams. Giving them both the training and the organizational cultural initiation is crucial to any new hire.

Both of these processes are much easier in person, where new employees get important face-to-face interaction and training from leaders and their coworkers.  


Long-term employees in particular get accustomed to the legacy systems they have used day in and day out. Bringing everyone up to speed on new technology requires good communication and patience.

The emerging remote work culture makes your employee onboarding process a big challenge. Employers must have an execution strategy to improve business process efficiency for successful employee onboarding. 

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2. Ineffective Organizational Agility 

Meeting consumer requests and adapting to continuously changing market trends are two major challenges that business process management faces. When a change in company objectives, wants, and demands are considered, it becomes evident that an adaptive system is required for successful BPM.  


Improving organizational agility takes time, but there are several shortcuts one can use. When unpleasant events occur due to change, leaders must guide their teams toward addressing its cause rather than blaming them.  

3. Setting the right KPI  

Setting clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI) helps you gauge performance right from the start and thus know what to optimize in order to make frictionless business processes. 

“Right KPIs – Easy crisis management and acceleration of business process” 

Tasks must be goal-focused, with KPIs defined from the beginning. These goals must be understandable to everyone in the teams to avoid confusion about the end goal of the process.  

4. Lack of executives buy-in 

Leaders abandon their employees when management is not committed. Lack of leadership is a serious challenge that makes employees disengaged at work, making it hard to achieve their goals. Failure to accept this responsibility of leadership is the leading cause of BPM project failure.  


First, you need buy-in from top-level executives who see the value in your plan and are ready to support you with money and resources. You also need buy-in from the end-user or you’re never going to meet your KPIs. 

It is the responsibility of the leadership team to justify a change and explain how it will affect every facet of the business. Leaders must align their enterprise software usage with business processes and goals. This approach can help employees understand their role in the business.  

5. Data redundancy and error 

Error and redundancy in data must be taken care of immediately, as they can negatively impact heavily when left unnoticed. A BPM solution gives you complete visibility into your business processes, allowing you to focus on errors. Enterprises can use this insight to fix errors and function more efficiently and save money.  


To make sure your enterprise data is clean and correct, automate routine business tasks and reduce employee’s workload. Automation is key to maintaining the desired level of execution quality and ensuring consistency in task completion. Automating mundane business processes with the right tool can save time that can be spent on focusing on the big picture.  

6. Communication and Time management 

Without proper communication, it is impossible to solve problems among a workforce. Leaders should give their employees all the necessary tools for efficient communication and show them how to exchange information easily and transparently.  


If proper communication is already established, the next challenge is time management. Many tasks can be done faster and more efficiently if employees know how to manage their time for each task. Employees’ working time must be properly divided and the number of tasks to be completed must be tailored to their working hours. 

All of these issues can be addressed by BPM software like Apty, which provides businesses with great flexibility and adaptability. A good BPM software initiates process improvement and management activities while measuring process performance.  

Apty, an effective business process management software can detect bottlenecks and redundancies that are making your business processes less effective and productive. Apty helps detect issues in your business processes with its enhanced AI engine, providing you with actionable insight that can increase employee performance and overall productivity.

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