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Apty is recognized in Gartner Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platform 2023 

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Gartner® has recently unveiled the “Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms, 2023,” a pivotal resource for staying ahead in the evolving DAP landscape. This comprehensive report provides a strategic view of the DAP market’s trajectory. 

This guide is one of the most up-to-date pieces of the year which not only offers a glimpse into the future of DAP but also empowers enterprises to make crucial decisions to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. According to Gartner “To expedite digital transformation efforts, organizations need to eliminate digital obstacles and enhance the utilization of technology. Enterprise application leaders should collaborate with business units to evaluate digital adoption platforms, which empower employees and customers to embrace and utilize technology more effectively.” 

As we approach the end of 2023 and gear up for a more successful 2024, it’s essential to recognize that a digital adoption platform is no longer a nice-to-have but an imperative necessity. According to Gartner, “By the year 2025, approximately 70% of organizations will incorporate digital adoption platforms into their technology stack to mitigate the ongoing challenges associated with inadequate application user experiences.” 

As a result, the role of enterprise leader’s responsibilities includes communicating the value of DAPs, measuring success through KPIs, and prioritizing high-impact applications, thereby facilitating digital transformation and enhancing workplace tech adoption. 

Digital Adoption Platform Market Direction 

The expanding DAP market encompasses over 40 digital adoption platforms. Most of the digital adoption platform offerings in the market often lack integrated cross-application guidance, analytics, open APIs, and a marketplace for extension, and are generally characterized by smaller revenue.   

On the other hand, complete DAP offerings are more extensive, offering platform capabilities and catering to enterprise organizations in need of seamless guidance and analytics across all applications. 

Key DAP Use Cases

DAPs play a crucial role in complex applications like SFA, HR, ERP, and customer support, where they excel at handling infrequent but impactful tasks. Organizations with high turnover and frequent UI changes benefit from DAPs. 

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Benefits of DAPs

Implementing DAPs commonly results in cost savings through reduced help desk tickets, streamlined training, and enhanced user proficiency, digital dexterity, and process efficiency. DAPs also elevate user engagement and reduce digital friction, leading to an improved Digital Employee Experience.

According to Everest, over 78% of enterprises fail in their digital transformation initiatives. So, according to Gartner to manage the ever-growing enterprise needs digital adoption platforms should have or ensure –  

  1. Process Automation: Automation will improve, spanning multiple applications and supporting end-to-end business processes, enhancing efficiency. 
  1. Ease of Use: DAPs will become more user-friendly, offering features like intuitive content building, drag-and-drop interfaces, and AI bots for assistance, all aimed at improving the user experience. 
  1. ML and Generative AI: DAPs will utilize machine learning (ML) and generative AI to offer personalized guidance, process automation, and insights. Expect more ML-driven recommendations based on task analysis. 
  1. Governance and Resourcing: DAPs will provide better support for global rollouts and governance. Organizations will need to consider hiring dedicated staff to effectively manage DAPs and content. 
  1. Cross-Application Support: Expect seamless support and analytics for various application types, including AI-driven discovery of processes, integration with learning systems, and deep analytics for goal tracking. 
  1. Analytics: Enhanced analytics will be crucial for digital transformation, with a focus on business KPI benchmarking and tracking to understand and improve digital dexterity, both for employees and customers. 

Apty’s Unique Digital Adoption Approach 

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For the full report, Gartner clients can access the “Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms” by logging into their Gartner account at 

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