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How Apty Simplifies Your SharePoint Onboarding and Training

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SharePoint has roughly about 190 million users across 200,000 customer organizations, as stated by Microsoft. Organizations use SharePoint 365 to create websites and it is a safe place to store, share, organize, and access information.

SharePoint is a web-based electronic document management tool for storing, retrieving, archiving, tracking, and managing documents.

SharePoint is the perfect platform for organizing business-critical documents, that also allows your employees to locate the right content at the right time.

Despite its maturity and popularity, SharePoint employee Onboarding is a complicated & tiresome process and comes with its set of challenges. You must find effective ways to overcome the most common SharePoint rollout challenges.

One of the most successful ways to have an effective SharePoint employee Onboarding is to leverage a Digital Adoption Platform like Apty.

Here are 3 ways in which Apty helps your employees in SharePoint Onboarding and Training:

  1. Enhance Onboarding with interactive training
  2. Resolve errors in real-time
  3. Improve performance with Analytics

1. Enhance Onboarding with interactive training

First things first. Make your employees aware of organization’s Onboarding process policies, roles, responsibilities, and checklists. You must track your SharePoint employee Onboarding process and ensure they stick to the checklist.

New employees might find it difficult to understand SharePoint, particularly remote employees, and will need assistance to get Onboarded.

Onboard-with-interactive-training (1)

With a Digital Adoption Platform, you can Onboard your remote employees or on-site employees within your SharePoint application itself and especially without the need for assistance.

Employees can be made productive from day 1 and improved employee experience can be achieved with Digital Adoption Platform like Apty.

Apty’s On-screen guidance helps your employees to complete complex tasks in SharePoint easily and accurately. Our interactive workflows guide your new employees whenever they get stuck and need assistance.

It makes your SharePoint employee Onboarding and Training process interactive and improves employee productivity.

How Apty’s workflows can ensure effective SharePoint Employee Onboarding:

  • Simplifies SharePoint’s complicated tasks.
  • Ensures a tailored-made SharePoint employee Onboarding and Training.
  • Helps your remote employees to improve their productivity.

See Apty Workflow in action,


2. Resolve errors in real-time

With so many tasks to complete, there is a high chance that new employees end up making an error or two. It is difficult for you to validate your employees’ work, particularly in remote working cultures.

Avoiding or addressing your employees’ mistakes are the next big challenge in your SharePoint employee Onboarding process.

Resolve-errors-in-real-time (1)

With a Digital Adoption Platform, you can monitor your employees’ interaction with the software and prevent them from committing mistakes. To use SharePoint validation settings, one must have coding knowledge.

But, with the Digital Adoption Platform, it is easy to create any kind of validation and prevent wrong entries from being made.

Apty’s validation allows you to ensure data accuracy and shows your employees what type of data must be entered in the specific column. SharePoint employee Onboarding can be made quicker with the help of Apty’s validation, as you can save time and improve employee experience with the application.

How Apty’s Validation can ensure effective SharePoint Employee Onboarding:

  • Prompts your new employees to fix errors in real-time
  • Improves data quality in the system
  • Prevents incorrect information being entered into the system

See Apty Validation in action,


3. Improve performance with Analytics

It’s true that for any organization the primary focus is a quick Return on Investment (ROI).

But when you invest in an Enterprise software, you will always be haunted by a ton of what if’s like: What if your employees are not being productive? What if SharePoint employee Onboarding takes a much longer period than you’d like? What if employees find it difficult to learn? What if they are resisting the change?

Improves-performance-with-Analytics (1)

To address all these challenges, you can leverage the Digital Adoption Platform which provides in-app learning to enable your employee to start performing tasks from day 1. It helps you to maximize your employee productivity, by showing them what they should & how it should be done.

Apty helps you to create Workflows, Validations, Tooltips, and more. Post creation, at allows you to see whether they are helpful for your employees or not.

Furthermore, it identifies the exact bottlenecks where employees struggle within the software and where your employees need assistance. In this way, you can personalize your content and make your SharePoint employee Onboarding process quick and smooth.

How Apty’s Analytics can ensure effective SharePoint Employee Onboarding:

  • Provides quantitative measurement of employee engagement.
  • Improves employee performance and ensures faster returns.
  • Identifies and helps resolve your employee roadblocks.

See Apty Analytics in action,



SharePoint employee engagement is significant both in on-site and remote Onboarding. A Digital Adoption Platform like Apty helps you to get the maximum outcome from your employees and improves your Return on Tech Investment as well.

Apty’s Workflows, Validations, Tooltips provide a high level of engagement and ensures a smooth SharePoint Onboarding experience.


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