7 Most Useful Tools For Your Business in 2022


Tools and technology play an incredibly important role in the success of many companies today. We rely on them day in and day out to do a variety of different things that are crucial to the success of a business in almost any industry.

For example, many businesses will use security tools and software to keep their information safe. This could be anything from password managers to encryption tools, and antivirus software. If the data of your company or customers gets in the wrong hands, it could spell disaster and cost you a lot of money and your good reputation.

Many companies will also use things like penetration testing to simulate the attacks of hackers and discover weak points in their security. Of course, if you want to learn more, be sure to click here to learn about Red Team Penetration Testing and how it can benefit your business's security as well.

But in addition to security software and tools that help protect data security, there are other useful tools for your business in 2022, and this article is going to go over a few of them.

7 Most Useful Tools for Your Business

  • Apty
  • Slack
  • FreshBooks
  • Elementor
  • Viibe
  • PhotoADKing
  • NordPass


Apty is a tool all about helping you simplify the process of adopting and using a variety of different business-related software. Every business uses software, but adopting it and getting your team familiar with it can be challenging. That is where Apty comes in. Their on-screen guidance can help your team get accustomed to software much quicker and easier.

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It also helps you, onboard new employees, faster, improve the performance of your team, and ensure everything is done by the books. It is this combination of efficiency and accuracy that helps make your business operate quicker without making any more errors. It has use cases in a variety of industries and niches as well.


Communication is incredibly important in business. It helps keep everyone on the same page, reduces confusion, builds relationships, and generally helps companies work more efficiently. While meetings have traditionally been used to help offices and coworkers communicate and collaborate, they are far from efficient. Instead, an app like Slack can provide an adequate solution.


Slack is a mobile and/or desktop app that allows real-time messaging between users. There can be different channels for different projects/business areas, and it is a cost-effective solution. 

In addition to messages, you can also have calls on slack, send files, leave comments, have private messages, and easily search through messages. Slack is especially good for companies with remote workers, an area that is growing in popularity.


While accounting is a part of running a business that many people might not be the most fond of, it is still important. Thankfully, tools like FreshBooks can make it easier and much more streamlined. It is an all-in-one platform that includes all of the accounting and invoicing support you could ever need. It is simple enough for anyone to use, and can save you a lot of money compared to hiring an accountant.

It can produce reports that are easy to follow and understand, create invoices automatically, track your costs and revenues and generally take a lot of the financial legwork of running a business off of your hands. Without this tool, or one like it, managing all of your finances to ensure they are correct come tax time can be difficult.


WordPress is the king of CMS platforms and for good reasons. It enables users to create comprehensive and dynamic websites.


Many startups need to get up and running with a WordPress website right away and Elementor is the perfect solution for them. Used by more than 6.7% of all the world's websites, Elementor empowers startups to create the website of their dreams without having to write a single line of code.

You can choose from a large variety of responsive templates to fit your business’s every need. You can easily customize your content and design with the tool. Custom forms and stunning popups are additional features Elementor users can leverage to capture and convert leads.


Remote work is becoming much more than a trend and it looks like it is here to stay. But some technical tasks are still considered as too complicated to be conducted remotely. Tools like ViiBE provide a solution to this situation.


ViiBE is a video assistance technology integrated into all CRMs dedicated to remote technical support and asset management. It allows employees to provide a remote diagnosis thanks to live video stream, AR, ticketing, call routing, and collaborative tools.

It differentiates itself from traditional video conferencing solutions by allowing companies to provide technical remote support, in order to solve complicated issue or perform maintenance operations.

Companies using ViiBE solution reduce support costs, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize their asset management.


Graphic design software tool PhotoADKing lets marketers, freelancers, creators, and small businesses design anything from social media posts to print materials.

PhotoADKing offers a wide choice of pre-made images, including posters, brochures, business cards, logos, YouTube thumbnails, and  flyer templates. On top of that, it offers businesses short marketing video templates to use to promote their brand on other channels.


PhotoADKing offers 10 free templates to new users upon sign-up, and a premium subscription is available for those who have a need to create multiple designs. With PhotoADking you can choose from over 10000 templates and customize them according to your needs. It takes just a few clicks to set up a design, and it can be shared across all media or downloaded to be printed out.


Despite the importance of communication tools and graphic design software, taking care of your data security becomes a must in the digital age. It is essential for businesses to ensure that personal data is secured and is not leaked outside the company.


One of the great examples is NordPass, which is highly known for providing a convenient user experience and ensuring password security for businesses. These days a lot of businesses are using password managers but the choice varies depending on the financial capabilities and needs of a company.

In conclusion, these tools are some of the most helpful and useful for your business in 2022 and beyond.

This is a guest blog from Wendy Dessler.

Originally posted on January 25, 2021

Wendy Dessler
Written by Wendy Dessler

Wendy Dessler is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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