11 Best Chrome Extensions for Every Business Owner


Simple solutions that make a complicated work process into a piece of cake is one way of acing the performance barrier set to achieve.

Empowered by innovation, Google chrome extensions are consolidated modules that encompass new add-in features to your browser making your browsing experience customized to your preferences.

What’s a Chrome extension & how they can help you…?

These extensions give you a minimal interface rather than an entire website or application to handle your work. Their mere job is to make your browsing experience sophisticated; by modifying the existing behavior of the program itself to make it more convenient for the user or add new features to your browser.

On an average ratio, every new entrepreneur tries to build their brand right from scrap by assisting technology-driven applications.

Checking on their screen time, 75% of the entrepreneurs spend their time web browsing rather than social networking.

Here’s where the Chrome extensions come in… Most of them prefer Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox; well, obviously you need your work done at the earliest.

Making lives easier and business better, entrepreneurs can make use of the cutting edge technology - Chrome extensions that allow you to install helpful add-ons that reduce long man-hour spent on building your brand.

Giving your browser a new look with extended functions and capabilities, Google chrome extensions are innovative automation programs aiding daily work chores.

Listing out some of the best chrome extensions in-terms of managing productivity, handling the accountancy, e-commerce, prospecting, organizing, social network platforms, and more business apps for business owners and entrepreneurs that meet your requirements.

Chrome Extensions aiding in Productivity & Organisation

Task managers are one of the efficient ways of increasing productivity swiftly to earn back the ROI invested.


Helping you out in listing the daily chores and giving you constant reminders to finish your to-do list, Todoist helps you in managing your day to day tasks.


The Google Chrome extension of Todoist helps you collaborate with your team, helps track your most important projects, or simply reminds you of anything that’s pinned on your calendar.

  • Integrates all pinned chores to a single platform.
  • Allows you to sort your task list in any order, group your tasks in new ways, or filter your tasks by who’s responsible.
  • Once the extension is installed to your google chrome browser, Todoist handles all the reminders on-the-go keeping track of daily tasks anywhere, anytime.
  • Ranked in Google’s Editor’s choice and has been benchmarked by Verge as the best To-do List application.

Chrome Extensions aiding in On-Screen Assistance

Apty Assist Studio

Not everyone is a pro in handling technology and efficient in handling new techniques that are evolving in our current digital era.


Apty Assist Studio Chrome extension here lets you build real-time, on-screen instructions to guide throughout the whole web browsing experience.

  • The Apty Assist Studio extension connects your Chrome browser to the Apty Desktop Studio, so you can start adding interactive guidance to any web application.
  • Gives you the experience to adapt to any website with its intuitive on-screen guidance.
  • Apty’s chatbots can help employees automate their routine work without even having to open your software.

Chrome Extensions aiding in Content Management

A significant aspect of maintaining heavy and engaging traffic to your website needs alluring and grammar-perfect content. Here’s the perfect chrome extension to keep your content without any grammatical errors.


Managing your content is part of running a healthy website. Rather than local error-checking tools, Grammarly Chrome extension is a real-time grammar checking tool that allows you to correct your sentence and maintain the right grammatical tense.


Business owner's and entrepreneur’s daily chores will include emailing and crafting proposals on daily basis.

  • Grammarly helps in composing emails, social media updates, typing out instant messages in a professional manner.
  • Keeps your content, clear & concise
  • The Grammarly extension helps you fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues, and it can also help you revise sentences that are grammatically correct but wordy and unclear.

Then comes the keywords in your website that ranks your business websites to heights. Here’s one of the chrome extension helping you out in handling SEO techniques.


To rank your content to Google’s first page of search results, one should master the art of SEO responsibilities.


MozBar Chrome extension here lets your work more adjustable by customizing all the techniques with instant metrics and SERP to analyze the results.

  • Allows to access Domain and Page authority of any website or landing page
  • Custom made search results in accordance with the region
  • Highlights Keywords externally and internally
  • View the Keyword Difficulty score for any search term on any SERP in real-time.

Chrome Extensions aiding in Social Media

Once you have inspected every aspect of your content, sharing, and publishing on Social Media Platforms are the next card you need to play. One of the chrome extension that helps you throughout your Social Media handlings is,


Hashtags are one of the efficient ways of branding your posts that helps your post to rank on social media Platforms.


Hashtest chrome extension will automatically test the quality of the hashtags you’re considering to apply in real-time posts.

  • Hashtest Chrome extension tries to help you find the best hashtags for your social media content whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook.
  • Allows you to analyze the hashtags which are ranking and getting a viral response
  • Lets you copy the best performing hashtags to clipboards or directly to social media platforms.

Chrome Extensions aiding in Prospecting and Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns are one of the persuasive ways of broadcasting about your brand and poach leads to enhance your business growth. Here are some of the efficient chrome extensions that can help you in prospecting and handling emails.



AeroLeads is one of the best B2B Lead generating tools. Offering multiple solutions in B2B prospecting tasks, AeroLeads has a free Google plugin that lets you extract business email IDs, contact numbers, Company details, and many more credits to work with.

  • Allows you to extract leads data and manage the data by uploading them into multiple CRM platforms.
  • Aiding to your Email Marketing campaign, you can find bulk lead prospects from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Angellist, Xing, etc.
  • The simple yet powerful extension gives you both customization and automation in Importing, Exporting & Managing Leads Data with a lifetime free plan.

Saleshandy Connect

No more scrolling through your prospect's LinkedIn profile to get their email address or any other contact information.


Saleshandy Connect helps you get any email address from LinkedIn in just a few clicks. Using the free chrome extension, you can perform this task without any hassle.   

  • Easily find the first name and last name, job title, and email address from a specific LinkedIn profile. 
  • Directly add the prospect to any sequence created in the CRM platform. Saleshandy's Connect works seamlessly with Zoho CRM, HubSpot, and Freshsales.
  • The extension works well with all the LinkedIn versions, i.e., Free LinkedIn, LinkedIn Business Premium, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • The email finder instantly comes up with verified email addresses within a second. 

Chrome Extensions aiding in Security

Ever heard of CyberHacking…? Well, that can happen in a jiffy, when you’re not cautious about the websites you log in to with your credentials. Here are some pr-efficient apps to secure your browsing experience.

The other most organizing problem is handling passwords along with multiple platforms. Here’s a promising Google Chrome extension that can meet your needs.


The chrome extension of LastPass lets you create new unique passwords, track, save, and manage them remotely.


The extension is much more secure and reliant on more additional features that can be procured with a yearly fee.

  • A master password to secure all passwords under a hood
  • A secure vault to save all your passwords, addresses, credit cards, and more
  • Once the extension is installed, LastPass will fill in user IDs and passwords automatically at appropriate fill-in pages.
  • Protects your LastPass account with multi-factor authentication.


The inevitable pop-ups and ads are quite annoying when you are browsing and focusing on daily tasks.


With Adblock chrome extension, block pop-ups, ads, trackers, third-party cookies, and annoying banners even remove video ads on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and all your favorite sites.

  • This chrome extension protects your browser from malware and stops advertisers from accessing browsing history and personal information.
  • Blocks third-party trackers

Other Efficient Google Chrome Extensions that a business owner should have


Keeping track of insights, arty-facts, and the articles you browse around, HoverReader here helps you pin down important information.

The Chrome extension of HoverReader shows a reader-friendly preview of any page linked, stripping out any images, advertisements, and other fluff on the page when you hover over a link.

  • Allows you to view the entire post without actually opening the link when there are multiple tabs on the run
  • Hover Reader here is an efficient chrome extension that you might want to add to your arsenal if you are in a hurry to rundown pages without actually opening them up.

Zoom Scheduler

Schedule and manage your meetings, meet-ups, and events that need to be handled, all under one hub with Zoom Scheduler.


The Chrome extension lets you schedule a meeting that’s synced with your calendar across various devices.

  • Lets you start a meeting with the scheduled person instantly with a single click
  • Unlimited access to share audio and video meetings across multiple users
  • Plus the scheduler lets you view more than 20 video streams at once.

Hope these chrome extensions help you in building your business in no time. Don’t just install free extensions, analyze the extension's responsibilities, and pick the efficient extension that increases productivity and cuts down the man-hours spent in hectic tasks.

Originally posted on November 27, 2020

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