Top 5 features to look for while choosing a Digital Adoption Platform

Digital adoption platform features 2020
Digital Adoption Platform - the simplest way to kickstart your journey towards Digital Transformation. Finding the best Digital Adoption Platform can transform the game for Enterprises as they help tackle several crucial business issues.
This blog post will help you understand the must-have features to look for before you invest in a DAP.
Considering how crucial the outcomes of the right investment are, you might want to spend sometime exploring the features and the many options there are in the market when it comes to Digital Adoption Platform Solutions.

Living in the era of the suspense of not-knowing-what’s next, every business is hearing the buzz word “Digital Transformation.” More than 26% of top-level executives say Digital Transformation will be the survival factor in the upcoming years. Digital Adoption plays a vital role in digital transformation. In other words, without Digital Adoption there will not be a transformation.

Technologies like big data, AI, and IoT themselves will not make your business more productive and profitable. It’s all in how you use these new technologies, so empowering Digital adoption is the key to your success.

The average adoption rates for new technologies are less than 25%. The reason is that enterprises mainly focusing on implementing the applications without proper planning for how to fully adopt an utilize the technology.

So how can you ensure your digital transformation is a success?

Leveraging a Digital Adoption Platform or (DAP) can improve your adoption rates and accelerate the time it takes to fully implement new technologies.


  1. What is Digital Adoption?
  2. How can I improve my Digital Adoption?

The term Digital Adoption implies reaching a state wherein your users gain the ability to utilize different digital tools as they are intended to. The Digital Adoption Platform helps your user to not only improve the adoption rates but also to make them use the tools to the fullest capacity.

What is Digital Adoption Platform?

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a guidance layer that sits on top of any web-based application and provides a seamless learning experience to the end-users with step-by-step on-screen walkthroughs.

The Digital Adoption Platform ensures

  • Successful & smooth digital transformation
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Minimal onboarding time
  • On-screen guidance for users
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Reduced IT support
  • Increased user experience
  • Improved employee productivity

There are several players in the Digital Adoption Platform market. Some of them cater specifically to large enterprises while some others focus entirely on SaaS-based product. Depending on your exact business requirements, you can pick a tool that solves your challenges.

Apty is one of the few DAPs to have specific suites designed to cater to both Large Enterprises and Fortune 500 Companies as well as SaaS Products. Aptly named Enterprise ROI Maximizer and SaaS Growth Catalyst, Apty helps all businesses, regardless of their size, with their Digital Adoption challenges.


Identifying the right DAP tool has become a tedious task because of the choices out there.

Without any further ado, the top 5 features to look for while choosing a DAP:


1. Ease of use/ User-friendly

The first and foremost feature of any tool is to be user-friendly else there is no value in buying the tool. Digital Adoption Platform acts like a guide sitting on top of any web-based application, handholding users to accomplish their tasks.

Furthermore, a DAP helps in providing a seamless learning experience where the users can learn independently from within the application.

Notable benefits include:

  • No need for Video tutorials, ppts, and pdfs
  • Classroom training is not essential
  • In-app help
  • Time taken to complete tasks reduces
  • Hassle-free learning
  • Liberty to try all features

According to G2 report for the ease of use of top 4 players, on a scale of 10

Apty            -9.3

Walkme      -7.9

Whatfix      - 8.8

Pendo        - 8.2


Gartner rated Apty 9.3 out of 10 for it's Ease of use/ User-friendly


2. Analytics

It is one of the main features that every business should look for. Collecting data is not only important, but the digital tools also must be able to provide actionable insights by understanding user behavior.

McKinsey found that data-driven businesses are 24 times more likely to acquire customers. According to Accenture, 82% of top-level executives believe analytics has increased productivity by more than 11%.

These statistics show the importance of analytics. Analytics helps to identify things like:

  • where your users face struggles
  • where they make mistakes often
  • places of hang-ups and difficulties
  • which task takes more time to complete and many more.

Here is how Apty helps to track your work,

Apty Analytics


3. On-screen Guidance (UX)

Users adopt DAP tool to make their task simpler and easier. Digital Adoption Platform must provide a hassle-free user experience rather than making the task much complex.

The interface must be simple and yet users can easily grasp. The software must be able to identify where exactly the user faces roadblocks and the DAP tool must guide them accordingly.

On-screen guidance acts as a in-app training material and provides help in:

  • user onboarding
  • in-app learning
  • step-by-step guidance
  • task completion
  • explore product features
  • real-time help

The quality of the on-screen guidance is one of the biggest factors buyers must consider when looking at Digital Adoption solutions.

According to G2 report, the top DAP tools that meet user requirements, on a scale of 10 are;

Apty            - 9.3

Pendo          - 8.8

Walkme       - 8.8

Whatfix        - 8.9

Gartner rated Apty 9.3 out of 10 for it's On-screen guidance

meets requirement2


Here is how On-screen guidance of Apty works,

Apty On-screen guidance in action


Apty’s custom Software Walkthroughs helps to

  • Engage users
  • Increase Feature
  • Product Adoption

4. Support

Quality of support is an important consideration for selecting any new technology partner.  You’ll need excellent support for implementing the tool as well as post-launch. Support feature provides your users to seek help immediately when they face any difficulties with your product.

The Digital Adoption Platform support feature:

  • Lowers your support costs
  • Improves your User Experience and satisfaction
  • Resolves user issues 24x7 (real-time support)
  • Improves user engagement

The Digital Adoption Platform that you are choosing must ensure that it addresses all the issues raised by your users and it resolves them at the earliest. Check for User ratings on the quality of support, as user satisfaction plays a vital role in ranking which DAP you must consider.

According to G2, top DAP tools that provide the best quality of support, on a scale of 10:

Apty            - 10

Pendo          - 8.8

Walkme       - 8.9

Whatfix        - 9.9


Gartner rated Apty 10 out of 10 for it's support

Note: Apty reduces your support tickets by up to 70%, thereby minimizing costs.

5. Automate tasks

Mundane tasks and doing a task repetitively are frequent impediments faced by users.The Digital Adoption Platform that you choose must include automation features for removing the burden of accomplishing those tasks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) increases productivity by saving time and energy.

Forrester predicts that spending on RPA will reach more than $2.9 billion in 2021 and by 2023, it will hit $12 billion. A good DAP tool must be able companies to harness the power of automation without investing in custom development.

Apty Automation


Note: Apty assures 80% increase in User Engagement and Customer Retention

Other than the features discussed above, there are many other factors that needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing a Digital Adoption Platform:

  • What’s the expected ROI (Return On Investment)?
  • Do they offer a Free trial?
  • What audience segmentation features are available?

According to IDC, 85% of enterprise decision-makers said they have only two years to make significant changes into digital transformation or they will fall. Accelerate your digital transformation by investing in a Digital Adoption Platform.  

If you wish to make the process of digital transformation smooth, drive Digital Adoption and & improve your software utilization and ROI, Try Apty!

This post was originally published in Jan 2020, and was updated in July 2020.
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