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The Definitive Guide To Enterprise DAP

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is essential in implementing, scaling, adopting, and sustaining digital transformation and business process improvement. 

  1. Assists and guides employees and customers through digital transformation
  2. Improves employees’ software experiences
  3. Accelerates business processes
  4. Reduces the cost of digital transformation
  5. Optimizes business processes with automation

“The Definitive Guide to Enterprise DAP” is a comprehensive resource focusing on Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) and their role in facilitating digital transformation and enhancing business processes.

After reading this guide, you’ll understand the significance of DAP in the context of enterprise-level digital transformation initiatives and whether a DAP is suitable for your enterprise. You’ll also know how to evaluate your options and make the right DAP choice to implement in your organizations so that you can quickly and effectively realize the full value of your enterprise software investments.

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The Definitive Guide To Enterprise DAP
"Nearly 68% of enterprises surveyed have not realized the envisioned value from their digital transformation initiatives."

Everest Group, 360-degree Digital Adoption
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