Maximize Salesforce ROI with Apty Analytics

Maximize Salesforce ROI with Apty Analytics

Salesforce CRM is a widely used application, with over 150,000 companies using it. While a great CRM solution such as Salesforce makes salespeople's jobs easier, a company requires much more to get the most out of its Salesforce investment.  

Salesforce is constantly updating and expanding its functionality. Therefore, whenever a new version is released, you must be able to respond to your employees' inquiries. Salesforce is intricate but has limitless potential when used aptly.  

Without adequate training, onboarding, and user adoption, it can have adverse effects throughout your company. Here, a DAP, aka Digital Adoption Platform, benefits you in various ways. With DAP like Apty, your employees can learn by themselves, thus helping enterprises maximize Salesforce ROI.

Maximize Salesforce ROI with Apty

Apty focuses on assisting users in navigating and adopting digital technologies, such as ERP, CRM, human capital management systems, and many other web-based applications. Apty can drive your business towards digital transformation by regulating workflows, automating processes, and increasing productivity.

1. Scale end-user adoption quickly 

Companies can integrate Apty DAP with their knowledge base to assist employees in finding answers and accessing self-help materials rather than seeking help from the support team, thus lowering their frustrations. Incorporating Apty into your Salesforce ensures quick and effective end-user adoption rates.

Apty can encourage your employees to take advantage of the tech investments to improve their productivity. By providing effective analytics, Apty enables businesses to detect challenges employees face on Salesforce and help them overcome them with customized support content.  

Apty Analytics is helpful for: 

  • Providing quantitative measurement of User Engagement 
  • Identifying Salesforce end-user roadblocks 
  • Reducing Salesforce training and support costs 

 Scale end-user adoption quickly


Apty analytics provides insights on the level of user engagement, as well as overall usage of the Salesforce application, for example: 

  • Launchers actioned vs. displayed 
  • Workflows completed vs. exited 
  • Tooltips displayed vs. read 
  • Announcements displayed vs. accepted 

Apty analytics help track users' behaviors, monitor the adoption of strategies and processes, and examine the effectiveness of metrics. Businesses get a first-hand insight into judging their performances and identifying ROI based on which they can further set certain targets and KPIs to improve their outcomes. 

2. Boost Salesforce users' productivity 

With Apty for Salesforce, employee training is made efficient and straightforward. Guided walkthroughs help them easily navigate the system and complete their tasks effectively. Employee engagement and rapid ROI are assured. Data validations, on-demand guidance, and in-app announcements ensure data and task reliability.

For example, let's say a company has an existing application with 500+ users. The company decides to launch Salesforce and wants the sales reps to leverage this new product to the fullest potential. The company can empower every user with Apty to start using Salesforce right from Day 1 without putting in any extra time or effort from IT staff.

Apty gives on-demand, real-time, contextual help within Salesforce to your end-users, thereby allowing them to easily understand Salesforce while having hands-on experience on Salesforce. It enables end-users to onboard, train, and understand the functions of Salesforce with ease and speed. 

3. In-App Guidance for Engagement  

Salesforce is an awesome tool, but it can be complex and difficult to master without outside guidance and access to contextualized content. Employees can use Apty's on-screen guidance to assist them in navigating the system by giving reminders, recommendations, and interactive software walkthroughs.

Apty's on-screen assistance directs users and instructs them on what to do next. The tool also includes contextual advice in the form of tooltips and enhanced data validations that can encourage users to correct problems as they enter data into Salesforce. Apty improves employee engagement by providing resources to your employees even before they realize they have a need. 

4. Automate Business Processes & Improve Outcomes 

Apty can maximize Salesforce ROI by automating deploying and managing Salesforce across your organization. Apty can help you get up and run quickly without sacrificing system security or compliance. Additionally, it can help you track usage analytics to measure the impact of Salesforce on your business. 

According to Anthony Mixides, Managing Director at Bond Media 

"Salesforce is a sophisticated application, and getting the most out of it can be easy with Apty. Apty is a leading Digital Adoption Platform that educates and leads your employees on how to use technology effectively." 

Apty takes a holistic approach to analyze and improving your Salesforce adoption. Apty tracks how end-users interact with Salesforce and provides insights to increase their productivity, and helps you boost the overall outcome.  

5. Provide on-demand In-app Salesforce training 

Adopting Salesforce using conventional methods requires numerous hours of training and supporting staff. With Apty, new employees can learn Salesforce with the help of in-app guidance, thereby eliminating the need for   

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Apty DAP combines in-app guidance with effective data validations to increase efficiency, productivity, and data quality. Apty goes beyond navigation and shows Salesforce users how to complete a task and proactively manages business process compliance. 

The best way to maximize Salesforce ROI is to offer improved training and learning experiences to the employees. When employees are offered a comprehensive hands-on experience in learning Salesforce, they can bring more profit to the company in the long run. And it has to be done quickly, effectively, and scalable. In such a circumstance, Apty can be of assistance.

Apty is the most effective digital adoption platform for enterprise software and web-based applications on the market today. The distinctive characteristics that Apty provides are reduced support and employee attrition, faster and more effective onboarding, lower training costs, increased productivity and return on investment, and so on. Employee training and adoption on Salesforce becomes simple and effective with Apty.

Maximize Salesforce ROI with Apty

Originally posted on May 6, 2022

Revanth Periyasamy
Written by Revanth Periyasamy

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