On-Screen Guidance To Effectively Train Your Users

With Apty’s on-screen guidance, users receive training in real-time while they are still working and producing output.

Why Apty Is the Best SaaS On-Screen Guidance Solution

How Apty Can Help

Apty's on-screen guidance can help you onboard and train users to use complex systems in a short time. Apty combines the time-saving benefits of automation and proactive process compliance with the power of on-screen guidance. 

Guaranteed With Apty

  • Reduce Support & Training Costs by 80%
  • Boost engagement & user proficiency
  • Deliver more engaging training
  • Improve feature & user adoption

Introduce New Software with On-Screen Guidance


Make Users Learn Faster and Better

On-screen tutorials can help your users learn your product's capabilities. People tend to learn faster when they perform actions practically. Having on-screen guidance helps your users learn your application in real-time, making it a  effective way to get them accustomed to your software.


Provide a Great Customer Experience

Providing on-screen guidance is a much more effective training method than traditional classroom training. In-app guidance ensures that your users are performing the right actions from the very first step. 


Resolve Issues in Real-Time

With the help of in-app guidance, users improve and maintain high productivity levels even when they adopt new applications. On-screen guidance requires less time and money compared to other training formats. Users can resolve any issue they may have with the platform through Apty’s help deck.

How On-Screen Guidance Works with Apty

Master Your Software in a Short Span

On-screen guidance can help your new users excel in their software solution quickly so they can start reaping the benefits of your software, without much delay.

Accelerated Adoption

The users can adapt to the software without any special training. The on-screen guidance helps them discover various functionalities of your software, effortlessly. Users quickly become comfortable with your software.

Decreased Churn Rate

On-screen guidance increases engagement and boost feature adoption. Customers remain happy and satisfied with their experience on your platform and continue to subscribe to your service, increasing retention and reducing churn rate.

Easy Product Onboarding

Your users master software faster when you onboard them with Apty since it simplifies the user onboarding process. Your users are more productive on your application with Apty on it.

Enhance Feature Adoption and Engagement

The gamified experience of on-screen guidance can steer users through all the procedures and finish all the essential onboarding tasks quickly and effectively.

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The Complete DAP For On-Screen Guidance


On-screen instructions can engage users through any business process with the help of workflows and ensure they complete all critical onboarding chores. 


With Apty’s interactive on-screen tutorials and data-driven insights, you can increase your end-user's productivity, increasing the value of your software. 


Users retain more information when instruction is provided through on-screen training, which means they can adapt to your software or processes faster.


Onboarding walkthroughs are used to walk users through all significant steps. On-screen guidance makes rollout of software updates smoother and decreases the chances of change resistance. 

FAQs - On-Screen Guidance

1. What is interactive guide?

The interactive guide is the tool that has been introduced in the industry for end-users or employees. The purpose of this is to assist employees with their onboarding and assist them in their learning process. They are often used to teach new hires how to use your software, or to walk them through the processes. The interactive guide does this by actively involving them and making them interact with the product itself.

2. How do you make interactive guides?

Interactive guides are normally made by following a series of steps that start with analyzing the user’s behaviour patterns such as heatmap and A/B Testing. Then you map the course for the user and create a plan by defining your user persona, deciding on other users’ touchpoints and visualizing the journey. Then you can leverage effective interactive guide tool like Apty to create the final product and publish it.

3. What is interactive help?

Interactive help is a type of help that allows users to interact with the help content. This means that they can click on different topics and get more information about them. This type of help is often used to teach users how to use an application. The Interactive Help is capable of answering general queries and help users get real-time assistance if they are confused about some part of the experience. Interactive guides are a way to onboard new hires in a way that actively involves them in learning the company's website, app, or product. By interacting with the website/app itself, the users are more likely to remember the learning experience and make it more effective.