5 Instructional Design software to Create Incredible eLearning Content


Instructional Design (ID) is the process of designing, planning, and implementing your workplace learning. Instructional Design software helps L&D professionals to educate their team and encourages employee self-learning.  

Several frameworks like the ADDIE model, Merrill’s Principles of Instruction, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructions are followed by Instructional Designers. Out of these, ADDIE is the most common ID model. 

ADDIE’s five phases are Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. ID starts with research which includes deciding the target audience and learning requirements. In the development phase, designers prepare the learning content, implement the course like upload it in your LMS, and then evaluate your outcomes. 

In your development phase, E-learning authoring tools come into play. This phase is crucial because without having proper learning material in place, you cannot expect fruitful outcome. 

What is an Instructional Design software?

An Instructional design software educates your employees and encourages self-learning. The ID software integrates with several tools intended to improve the learning experiences of your employees. Simply put, it makes your development phase effective and saves more time and money.   

Course development software makes your instructional designer's job simpler. Since there are a lot of choices out there in the market, selecting an effective one can be difficult. In this blog post, we have done the research and have listed the best ID tools that you can consider. 

Before jumping into the list, let’s touch upon certain things that you should ask yourself before selecting your Instructional Design software: 

  • What are the tools that your enterprise can afford? 
  • What types of documents will you be handling 
  • Do you want your output to be uploaded in your LMS? 
  • Do you want analytics to assess the effectiveness of learning content? 
  • How easy is your product to learn?  

Once you have clarity on these points, finding the tool that best suits your requirements becomes easy. 

What is the best Instructional Design software? 

74% of participants claim that lack of training is the biggest hurdle in achieving their full potential at work. It is your responsibility, therefore, to engage learners during an employee training program and make them learn effectively.  

The Top 5 Instructional Design software that helps you to create incredible e-learning content are: 

  1. Apty 
  2. Adobe Captivate 
  3. iSpring Suite 
  4. Articulate Storyline 
  5. Brainshark 

1. Apty

Apty is a Digital Adoption Platform that helps your L&D professionals to create interactive learning content. Apty is a robust Instructional Design software that helps your employees to learn by doing it in real-time.


Apty’s on-screen guidance and walkthroughs guide your employees to learn complex enterprise software easily and quicklyApty analytics monitors your employees actions in real-time. 

4 awesome benefits of Apty: 

  • Understand employees pain-points and identify the exact place where they get stuck 
  • Created content can be converted into PDFs, Videos, Permalinks 
  • Employees can perform their tasks right from day 1 
  • Automate mundane tasks and save employee time and energy

2. Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is an HTML-based authoring tool that helps you to create effective eLearning content. Adobe Captivate, an Instructional Design software, allows you to transform non-mobile courses to mobile learning content. Even non-tech-savvy users can easily use it to create responsive content.


What is so special about Adobe Captivate? 

  • Deliver immersive learning experiences in VR with their 360-degree media support
  • Mirror the project in real-time on the device browser using QR code
  • Create quality HD videos and on-screen learning content with just a few clicks 
  • Convert your PPT slides into an interactive e-learning material without any coding

3. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a powerful ID software that lets you create quizzes, surveys, dialogue simulations, and videos without any coding or programming knowledge. With iSpring Space, you can effortlessly share content not only to your team but also to SMEs and stakeholders.

ispring (1)

4 notable benefits of iSpring Suite: 

  • With iSpring Content Library, your e-learning content development process is made simple and quick 
  • Transform your texts, Pdf files, and PPT files into interactive e-learning content in no time with iSpring Flip 
  • Convert PowerPoint into eLearning courses with assessments, quizzes, voice-overs, and more 
  • iSpring Suite 8.7 has advanced animation support and smart conversation simulations  

4. Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is an Instructional Design software that helps to create e-learning modules using its built-in templates, themes, characters, and graphics.


The interface of Articulate Storyline is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint which can be easily used by anyone from skilled designers to regular instructional designers.

4 key benefits of Articulate Storyline:

  • Move any item or object on-screen in different ways using Motion paths. They are customizable and creates engagement to your projects. 
  • Object animations allow you to change how an object must appear or disappear in your learning course. 
  • Slider control allows your employees to quickly learn cause-and-effect relationships, manipulate data and control navigation. 
  • With the undockable and dockable panels, you can move everything which helps you create extra space in your development. 

5. Brainshark

Brainshark is a cloud-based software that enables your employees to create presentations of different types including PowerPoint, web pages, PDFs, and more. 


Brainsharkan innovative instructional design software, allows you to train effectively by integrating it into your CRM. 

4 benefits of Brainshark that you must know: 

  • Conditional Redirects gives you the ability to create rules for the presentations that you create. 
  • You can easily upload larger files (PowerPoint, documents, videos). 
  • You can directly record from the site or use the call-in option to record your audio after uploading your presentation. 
  • Select any images from the new library of royalty-free images which has 500+ images that make your presentation effective. 

These instructional design software are the top 5 most commonly used tools out there in the market. Based on your business needs, select the right tool, and implement it for better outcome. 

If you wish to make your employees productive from day 1 and ensure they perform their tasks in the way it meant to be, then Apty is the best choice that you must consider. 

Schedule your own personalized demo to get a deeper understanding of how we provide effective employee training without having to invest in traditional training methods and losing out on hours and hours of time that could otherwise be used to improve productivity.

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