Clarity PPM Implementation in Retail Industry - Top 3 Challenges

Clarity PPM implementation in Retail Industry - Top 3 challenges

CA PPM can play a vital role in the Retail industry. It helps retailers in resource management, financials, idea management, and helps them in strategic roadmaps.

Retail companies that react to market trends faster are the ones that are more profitable in the long run. It is common for these companies to invest in CA PPM to transform the way they work, but how effectively it is leveraged lies in the hands of employees that use it.

Like most Enterprise software, CA PPM implementation must be done the right way. Employees will use CA PPM to the fullest potential only if they understand how to use it. Making them adapt to CA PPM and provide the best hands-on experience is not an easy task.

This is why it is crucial to understand the CA PPM implementation challenges, address them at the earliest, and stay competitive. In this blog, we will be discussing the top 3 Clarity PPM implementation challenges that the retail industry faces.

Let’s dive right into it!   

What are the top 3 Clarity PPM Implementation Challenges in the Retail Industry?   

  1. Change Management 
  2. Remote Training 
  3. Smooth Flows 

Change Management 

Retail companies must stay ahead of the competition to ensure business continuity and growth. Research says, 70% of all organizational change efforts fail. Out of which, 39% is because of employees’ resistance to change which hinders organizational growth and development. 

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Retail companies need to communicate with their employees and make them understand why the change is essential and how it provides value for employees. CA PPM implementation is possible only if all your employees are ready to accept it. 

Though companies are ready to implement Clarity PPM, employees' change resistance is a huge barrier. Retail companies must overcome CA PPM change resistance to boost their revenue and to ensure business transformation. Using a Digital Adoption Platform can be a game-changer in minimizing employees’ resistance to change.

Remote Training

Remote training is the need of the hour as several companies worldwide have switched to remote working due to the pandemic. But this setup comes with its own set of challenges and you will have to figure out certain scenarios.

How are you going to approach remote work? What method should retail companies go with? Is there any cost-effective way for training remote employees? How to get them onboarded effectively on CA PPM? What is the fastest way to train employees on Clarity? You need to chalk out your plan clearly when training employees remotely. 


Implementing CA PPM and training remote employees on it is a huge challenge in the retail industry. There are many methods for training remote employees on CA PPM but finding the right one is important. Leveraging the right remote training method can help retail companies to get the best out of their employees.

Employees might face difficulties during remote training and they need immediate support to address those challenges. Providing timely support and assistance and engaging employees during the training period is highly important. To make sure that both these are taken care of, look for the right tool that not only solves training problems but also ensures remote employee productivity. 

Smooth Flows 

Delayed completion of projects can jeopardize your business in more ways than one. Employees must be well-trained in CA PPM to ensure a faster task completion rate.

To ensure timely completion of tasks, you need to solve your employee pain points at the earliest. In large retail companies, there might be a huge inflow of employee support requests. You need to be ready to address them all.


Smooth workflows ensure process compliance as they clearly indicate to your employees “what to do and how it should be done”. The challenge lies in making all CA PPM users understand how each task should be done.

In the long run, there is a chance that your employees forget certain processes and might need re-training. Identify a proper solution to help employees stay on top of processes and ensure compliance.

Apty Digital Adoption Platform is the best tool that you can consider if process compliance is an issue you wish to tackle. Apty helps you overcome all your CA PPM implementation challenges with the help of walkthroughs, tooltips, announcements, and more.

We have discussed the solutions to these top 3 CA PPM implementation challenges in a separate blog. We recommend you to have a look at it - Clarity PPM Implementation Solutions for Retail Industry

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