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Microsoft SharePoint helps in improving collaborative work, stress-free file sharing and also helps to leverage productivity, and much more, but enterprises still face some challenges which we discussed in our SharePoint adoption challenges blog.

SharePoint can be efficiently used if you’re able to eliminate those challenges with the help of modern tools like a digital adoption platform. But, before you select a digital adoption tool you need to understand what digital adoption platform is and why it is useful in addressing Sharepoint challenges.

Challenges are meant to be met and overcome – Liu Xiang

What is the Digital Adoption platform?

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a SaaS tool that sits on top of any web-based application and provides a seamless learning experience to the end-users with step-by-step on-screen walkthroughs.

Let’s quickly review the challenges (discussed in detail here) associated with the SharePoint adoption.

  • User Adoption
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
  • Training and monitoring employees
  • Change management
  • Lack of in-built Support

Now, let’s see how the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) solves those challenges.

How DAP helps in User Adoption?

Enterprises can see benefits from SharePoint only if the adoption of SharePoint is high, which is where many enterprises got stuck. Hence, the need for more adoption tools.

One such growing digital transformation trend is the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

Digital Adoption Platforms unlock the maximum power of any enterprise application including SharePoint by accelerating the user adoption process.

Apty – Make your employees productive from day 1

Digital Adoption Platforms help user adoption of SharePoint in ways like:

  • Providing Onscreen guidance
  • Helping them to locate documents faster
  • Tools tips, PDFs, PPTs, and videos help in better understanding SharePoint
  • In-application support – just a click away
  • Product update announcements

How DAP improves UX and UI?

The interface plays a vital role in application usage. Though SharePoint has done a quite good job, some users still face interface and product experience issues. Users face many challenges in the usability of SharePoint. A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is one of the best-suited solutions to overcome usability challenges.

Many factors are essential to improve user interface and their experience with your product. Users need not remember every step because the modern digital adoption platform provides in-app walkthroughs and guide them in the completion of tasks in no time. It also monitors the users’ entire journey within your application and identifies the places where your users are struggling.

Your Learning and Development (L&D) team can go ahead and create new walkthroughs addressing those pain points.  In this way, the digital adoption platform makes your users feel comfortable with the product and increases user proficiency.

Modern Digital Adoption Platforms follow the DAP cycle, which helps to enhance the user experience of SharePoint by making your product easier to use. The ultimate goal of the modern Digital Adoption Platform is to help your users adopt your product and increase your productivity.

How to train and monitor your employees on SharePoint?

The major challenge that every enterprise face is getting the best out of the employee and from the product. The digital adoption platform is the perfect solution to achieve maximum outcomes from the employee and the product.

Apty – Training is a matter of hours not days

The modern digital adoption platform provides in-app walkthroughs that help the users to perform their assigned tasks. DAPs not only help to train your employees but also tracks and analyzes users’ journeys within the application. Modern digital adoption platforms like Apty provide analytical insights that allow enterprises to know A to Z of what your employees are doing with Share Point.

Let’s have a look at an example of how a DAP improves productivity:

In any enterprise using SharePoint, there will be certain tasks that employees might be finding repetitive and time-consuming. A Modern Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) helps to identify those tasks and allows you to automate them.

Now imagine this for a company size of 5000, with automation even if you’re able to save only 5 mins per day per employee, it will contribute to, 5 (mins) x 5000 (employees) x 21 (working days) i.e. 8,750 hours saved per month

Surprising? Well, it’s true!

By automating mundane tasks you can save a lot of time and allow users to focus on other tasks that add value. This is one such example of how leveraging the modern Digital Adoption Platform will benefit you in infinite ways.

Change Management

When it comes to SharePoint, you need to plan for the changes that Microsoft implements in SharePoint and also the user impact for any feature or deployment.

Adopt to the Changes with Apty

For example, Microsoft announces a major update in which formatting, storing, filtering and retrieving documents process has been modified. Now, Enterprises need to set up a training session for all the employees to announce the new update and train them. Don’t you think it’s time-consuming? What if there are more than 2 major updates a year? – Yeah, now that’s a big problem.

No worries, with the help of the modern Digital Adoption Platform you can simply make an in-app announcement to all of your employees create new walkthroughs addressing the updates. This makes the employees learn by themselves with proper in-app guidance.


Apty’s on-screen workflows can even be utilized to solve support tickets. Agents can reply to a ticket with a link that will automatically open the application and start the workflow to solve the user’s issue.

Don’t go with suggestions, go with proofs

To add credibility, here is the review from the G2 crowd platform, the best review platform out there in the market.

According to G2, Apty is recognized as the highest-rated digital adoption platform with a score of 93/100. The quality of support is rated as 98%.

The best way to solve SharePoint challenges is to utilize the modern digital adoption tool. Though there are many tools out there, select the best one that suits your organization.  If you further have any questions on the Digital Adoption Platform or DAP cycle, we are just a click away TRY APTY.

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