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We know there are millions of Startups coming up every year. According to the research, there are around 1.35 million tech startups in the world today, “YES” Apty is one among them.

Here is a glimpse of what we're going to cover:


Let me tell you an interesting story, “The journey from nothing to something.

We’ve seen companies investing millions in new software and then again thousands of dollars in training and support to try to make it work. In most cases, the training didn’t make a big difference. 

One day we decided to make the software usage simpler and better. We asked ourselves why can’t we create something similar to google maps which would navigate us in software from point A to B?.


"A simple question is the root cause of any innovation"


Started from scratch

An interesting question will never allow you to sleep, that led us to create a business plan and to make the idea come true. So in the year 2017, we came up with something that makes software usage and adoption quicker and smoother. With this aim, we started our journey With, then known as “LetzNav,” a product that helps users with on-screen guidance.

LetzNav to Apty

Our first client was a Fortune 100 enterprise in the United States. We helped them in adopting new software. Our challenge was to help users navigate the program and protect the company’s investment in the software. The value proposition was onscreen guidance, which shows people how to navigate through their software, hence the name LetzNav.

When we started the implementation we got “stuck”. 


We had to provide onscreen guidance, the ultimate aim of which is to make the software adoption quick and smooth. But! We haven’t had enough data to figure out the actual challenges faced by the end-user, even though if onscreen guidance was provided it wouldn’t have fulfilled the user needs. This is the time when we realized something is still missing.

The best thing that we did then was “We took a pause.” 

The aim of building this product was to deliver some tangible value to our clients. That made us stop the implementation and rethink.

And then, when we looked in the market and realized that all the companies that were providing similar kinds of solutions were also facing the same challenge - lack of data. Which in turn, makes such companies “Guess” on where your users are getting stuck and what their actual challenges are, while using the software. (No offense to anyone)

Hence, we took a pause and then we came back with something that goes beyond on-screen guidance (navigation). This phase also made us realize that “Data First” is the approach that is needed.  

Apty goes beyond on-screen guidance (navigation)

Here’s how Apty work:

  • Apty first starts with analyzing software usage and where the employee is getting actual hang-ups.
  • Based on the data collected, Apty recommends workflows needed by the end-users, instead of wasting effort and time on creating content that isn’t needed by the users.
  • Once the workflows are made, then workflow usage analytics come into play.
  • Analytics helps understand every movement that the user makes and identifies the place where the time-consumption is more, wrong entries are made and provides other useful insights.
  • Furthermore, Apty leverages chatbots to help user automate their mundane tasks without even having to open your software. 

Digital Adoption Platform(DAP) Cycle


The solution was LetzNav - On-screen guidance

The product that eventually became Apty - Digital Adoption done in the right way!


Apty Analytics helps to improve the process and reduce hangups by analyzing the employee interaction with the software. It provides actionable insights by understanding user behavior and improving productivity. 


Apty Insights

Consistency leads to success

Being born as a startup we’ve seen many companies performing well initially but in the long run, they go off the track from keeping their core “Value to Clients.” We’ve learned a lesson from them, and that’s one of the reasons which made us deliver the right value to our clients, consistently.

So right from the beginning, we focused on two things 

  1. Performance 
  2. Support 

We have always tried to provide ultimate support and superlative performance consistently.


Performance and Support is like two sides of a dollar - absence of anyone makes it dummy


Since we relentlessly focussed on the above mentioned quote, we were recognized by our clients on the best software review site G2 Crowd.

Here is what our clients say about us on G2 Crowd reviews

Apty is ranking as the Highest rated digital adoption platform software in G2 crowd with a score of 93/100. Here is a snippet from G2 Crowd.


Apty is ranking third in Usability with a score 8.9/10.

G2-Apty-Usability score

Apty is ranking first in Satisfaction with a score of 4.8/5. 


The strategy we followed for achieving this is simple. Every time we made decisions by putting ourselves in user’s shoes. We build a great relationship and we never stopped thinking about the world from the user’s perspective.


Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. - Steve Jobs


Furthermore, Apty helps to focus on your efforts to see a bigger Return On Investment (ROI). With other Digital Adoption Platforms, you could waste your time, energy and money in creating content that isn’t needed. Apty’s business strategy is to make the customers satisfied. Quality of product is not actually what you put in, it is what the end customer gets out of the product.

We believe, a smart Digital adoption solution should be Data-centric and should leave no scope for “guess work.” If you wan’t try digital adoption the right way, Try Apty!


Originally posted on March 18, 2020

Revanth Periyasamy
Written by Revanth Periyasamy

Revanth is a B2B Marketer who has a definite flair for outreach and networking, alongside being a prolific writer. As an author, he enjoys exploring all things related to about digital adoption and transformation. When the 'B2B Marketing ninja' mask is off, Revanth is an ardent tech geek, a lover of road trips and sports enthusiast who plays badminton, cricket or any sport, really!

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