Why Digital Adoption Solutions Are Key to CRM Adoption


Creating and retaining customers is a core function of any business. After all, customers are the assets that any business needs to make money. To build customer loyalty and retain existing customers, businesses must utilize customer relationship management (CRM).

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps to streamline your processes and improves data management. It can help identify customer issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) adoption is not only about adopting a tool but also embracing a completely new way to work.

In this post, we're going to cover:

Features to look for:

When selecting a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, some of the top features to look for are:

  • Automation of Salesforce
    • Processing of orders
    • Contact information updates
    • Evaluating and forecasting the sales
  • Marketing automation
    • Lead management
    • Marketing analytics
    • Creation of landing page
  • Automate tasks
  • Storage of data
  • Usability
  • Web-analytics
  • Integration supports
    • Chat
    • Email-client
    • Third-party
    • Social Media management
    • Automation of call center

Top 5 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in 2020 are:

  • MS Dynamics 365
  • Oracle CX cloud
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Insightly

These are the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software deployed by both small and large businesses.

Challenges faced on implementing CRM

Top 5 challenges in implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are:

  • Picking the right product
    • Cost of the product is like an iceberg
  • Deployment type
    • Cloud or on-premise
  • Lack of integration capabilities
    • Integration with existing systems like ERP, e-commerce
  • User-adoption
    • Have comprehensive training programs to make end-users of the system understand the product
  • The dearth of Business insights
    • CRM gets only the data, ultimately it’s in the hands of users to process the information effectively and address the customers

It is important to convince a sick child to take medication likewise it is essential to convince salespeople to use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

According to Marketing Sherpa, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to nurture leads shows an increase of 47% on average conversion value.

Digital adoption solution is a Key to CRM adoption

Businesses, however, face setbacks during the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software including futile adoption by the users and lack of customization interface added to that training difficulties.

A study conducted by the Success Accelerators over the last ten years indicates that 26-70% of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations fail to achieve the expected outcome, which results in diminutive ROI.

What is Digital Adoption Solution?

The Digital Adoption Solution is an evolving technology that primarily engrosses on improving the adoption of several tools across any business, thereby helping them to get the most out of their application portfolios with the digital adoption platform.

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a strategic solution to increase productivity and successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) adoption.

Advantages of implementing Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) in CRM include:

  • In-app training and guidance
  • Reduces onboarding period
  • Create interest in the product
  • Accelerates user-adoption
  • Real-time support
  • Streamline workflows
  • Increases productivity and UX

On average, a median of $8.66 million savings is reported on implementing digital adoption on enterprise CRM systems.

The best suited Digital Adoption solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is Apty.

Apty’s full suite of automation, analytical, and guidance tools enables the team to get more done in less time while significantly reducing the training and onboarding costs.

Apty is the ideal solution for onboarding, training, change management, and enterprise software optimization. Apty quickly onboard new users and provides ongoing guidance to existing users - eliminating the need for costly and ineffective training programs.

Apty Assist helps the users to complete a task more rapidly, prompts them to correct errors, and streamlines how the users search for support content. Apty successfully works on various CRM platforms like, MS Dynamics 365, Oracle CX Cloud, and many more.

According to the G2 review, Apty is the best DAP tool with a top rating of 4.9/5.



The use case of Apty is for faster onboarding thereby maximizing productivity and helping with process change management. Apty uses machine learning and analytics to help companies overcome obstacles and ensure successful Digital Adoption.

Living in the work world where digital transformation is omnipresent, companies need to improve employee proficiency by implementing Digital Adoption Solution (DAS) like Apty.

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) like Apty make technology adoption seamless and effective, making the digital transformation more enjoyable for users and more profitable for businesses.

The problem isn’t the software. It’s how it’s being used. - Apty

Measure and scale the adopted technology using digital adoption solutions like Apty.

Originally posted on February 12, 2020

Revanth Periyasamy
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