Eliminate Internal Application Confusion

Optimize and Modernize Your Custom Business Applications

Training and onboarding users to custom-built business applications is challenging and time-consuming. While ERP, HCM, or CRM systems have replaced many custom applications, most businesses still rely on their homegrown systems for select business processes. The problem with custom internal applications is the user experience is often complex and cumbersome. Maintaining the application is difficult enough, let alone upgrading the UI.

Apty works as an overlay to improve the user experience and provides contextual in-app guidance. With Apty, users can quickly complete their work inside custom applications.

Eliminate_internal_application_ confusion

Features for Custom Applications

Apty makes internal business applications easier to use and provides actionable insights into improving your efficiency and reducing your training and support costs.

Guided Workflows

Show users how to complete their work with step-by-step on-screen guidance. No matter how complex your app, Apty’s intuitive workflows help simplify app learning and adoption, with zero coding involved.

Data Validations

Solve data accuracy and quality issues by prompting users to fix errors while they’re inputting data. By alerting users to fix data-entry errors in real-time, Apty also helps ensure business process compliance.

Application Analytics

Track user behavior and identify common issues with your application and processes. Apty helps you proactively address usage and adoption-related challenges, so you can customize help content accordingly.

Cross Application Support

Guide users through multi-app tasks involving internal applications and other software. Apty's cross-application guidance ensures successful employee engagement and end-to-end process completion.

Benefits of Using Apty for Custom Applications

Apty helps users quickly master and utilize internal business applications.

Faster Onboarding


Internal apps require custom onboarding. Users can’t search the internet for a help video. Apty’s guided onboarding makes users productive from Day 1 with minimal training. 

Increased Productivity


Apty simplifies complex applications so users can get more done in less time. Apty’s guidance and help tools increase speed and improve employee proficiency.  

Decreased Costs


Apty allows you to update your workflows without spending development resources. Business units can manage and control on-screen guidance without bogging down IT.