Solutions to ServiceNow Training and Adoption Challenges

Solutions to ServiceNow Training and Adoption Challenges

In the previous blog we elaborated the common ServiceNow implementation challenges faced during the implementation. Here we explain how those challenges can be addressed.

Training employees requires hours of learning beyond their working hours, hiring consultants and additional support staffs. The amount of time and money you spend on the training and support is immense and it also delays the adoption.

So, how could you overcome the ServiceNow adoption challenges?

In this post we’re taking a look at solutions to the most common ServiceNow adoption challenges.

Solutions to Training Challenges

You have a few options for overcoming your training challenges when implementing ServiceNow. ServiceNow provides extensive product documentation as well as training through the Now platform. Learning options include live classes, simulators, virtual classes to assessments and certifications. Users can select a plan based on their learning path and complete it to share the achievement.

Solutions to training challenges

The problem with these training solutions as well as many offered by other online learning or in-person training consultants is they’re not tailored to your business and processes. Another problem is the training may focus on features that could be irrelevant to most of your users.

Companies looking for alternative training solutions, should consider a Digital Adoption Platform.

A Digital Adoption Platform simplifies training and product adoption with:

  • Insights from user data to identify where users are struggling.
  • On-screen guidance that enables faster product adoption.
  • A built-in usage tracking to know how efficiently your employee utilizes the software.
  • Automation to simplify the complex process and relieve the burden of mundane tasks.

ServiceNow can be integrated with a Digital Adoption Platform like Apty which results in increased productivity, simplified change management, decreased training costs. It will also reduce the need for training and ensures better ROI.

Solutions to Technical and Process challenges

In addition to training, you’ll likely face from technical and procedural challenges when implementing ServiceNow. Consider reducing your customization and simplifying your workflows.

Reduce customization

Over Customization-1

The extensions for ServiceNow provide an additional set of functionalities like UI Action, UI Scripts, Client Scripts, etc. But it also causes risks like future upgrade compatibility, maintenance issues, and complex coding.

Therefore the efforts should be made to reduce the customization as much as possible. In fact, during the Knowledge18, the former CEO of ServiceNow John Donahoe said that “the best practitioners minimize or eliminate customization. Because they expect faster upgrades to obtain new features as soon as possible.”

Simplify workflows

A workflow consists of a set of tasks that a user should do for achieving a goal. This gets troublesome when the workflow doesn't provide a direct solution to the goal and sometimes it leads to a series of workflows. We could simplify it by implementing on-screen guidance which makes the users focus on a particular task and move on to the other.

Simplify workflow

On-screen guidance solves many problems users faces. The users don’t have to go in-and-out of the help and support, don’t have to remember the sequence for the workflows, this prevents the need for training and retraining. It will also increase the engagement, productivity of the new employees right from their first day and leads to faster software adoption.

Solutions to Change Management Challenges

Develop a clear vision/roadmap

Before implementing ServiceNow, companies should have a clear vision and strategy to prevent discrepancies when systems are integrated. One may not have enough resources to accommodate all integration and implementation at once.

Embrace the change

Change can be dreadful to endure considering the challenges like culture, financial, and technical factors. It is impressive to identify an innovative solution such as ServiceNow, but it is of no use if it produces a new set of problems while implementing it.

Innovation will remain the key to resolving these problems. By taking an alternative approach and looking at a diverse perspective you could be a pioneer and provide your employees with the skills and support their growth.

Embrace the change

Technology represents just a trend and we could replace it with the other as the time goes. What’s important is how you take advantage of those technologies and see your business grow. So, be an early adopter, set the vision for your company, and embrace the digital transformation.

Relevant Read: ServiceNow Change Management Guide

Which one would you prefer?

New-age technologies such as the Digital Adoption Platform provides multiple solutions within a single platform. It reduces most of the managing activities carried out by the leaders and increases the ROI of your software. So, are you going to be a pioneer in driving digital adoption or just stick to the traditional training and neglect the opportunity for growth?

HubSpot Video

Digital Adoption Solution like Apty can decrease your training costs and accelerate your adoption. See how Apty can make ServiceNow Adoption easier in this video.

If you prefer a Digital Adoption Solution like Apty, schedule a demo and discover how you can optimize your productivity and reduce your training costs.

Ensure Seamless ServiceNow Adoption with Apty

Originally posted on March 24, 2020

Keshav Raj
Written by Keshav Raj

Keshav is a Digital Marketing Executive at Apty.

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