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What Makes an Intelligent Digital Adoption Platform?

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In 2011, the concept of a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for the very first time, was introduced to the world. Since then it has come a long way. There are many solutions out there, from which you have to select anyone that fits the bill. It has kind of become “Sophie’s choice” for the stakeholders to select a solution out of all the available options.

A Digital Adoption Platform that understands the user types, their needs and recommends the required measures so that adoption of any application or software becomes smooth and easy can be called Intelligent Digital Adoption Platform

The digital landscape is changing drastically and very few players are coping with it successfully. Organizations are moving towards a solution that not only solves the Digital Adoption problem but also helps users in a personalized manner and something that eventually enhances their experience and reducing their onboarding time.

Since the market demand is such, many DAP solution providers are struggling to give them what they need. Most of these solutions are limited to walkthroughs which are very generic. These walkthroughs solve the generic problem and are not a perfect fit for any organization where the solution will be deployed across departments and functions.

In this case, one needs a DAP solution that understands a particular user type and recommends customized walkthroughs for each user type.

For example:- Let’s say there is an organization with 1000 employees that recently invested in a Management tool. The main purpose of this tool is to manage the in-house talent. It has multiple functionalities that are not necessarily being used by everyone.

The HR team uses it for pushing announcements to the employees. The Finance team uses it to push the payslip to the employees and Team Managers of each department might use to track leaves of their team members and so on.

As you can see each of these employees belong to different user type and have different functions to perform on the same HR application.

In such a scenario, providing the same walkthroughs for all user types and guiding them through similarly wouldn’t make sense.

The organization provides specific trainings on these applications to its employees. This could be helpful initially but over time, employees tend to forget things, thanks to the forgetting curve.

So, to counter the forgetting curve, the organization buys a solution that would make product adoption or software adoption easy.

“Modern Digital Adoption Platform(DAP)” is the one-stop solution for such organizational changes.

Resolving digital adoption delays and glitches is faster and more efficient when organizations invest in a DAP, as these solutions are way more intelligent than traditional DAPs.

Why Modern DAP is considered to be an intelligent Digital Adoption Platform(DAP)?

Many factors make the Modern DAP solution intelligent like:-

1. Application Analytics

The solution is deployed in the initial phase where it analyzes “How a software or application” is being utilized by the users. It analyzes where users are generally getting stuck, what is causing a user to drop off without taking any necessary action, etc. It analyzes an application utilization for a period of time and post that give some recommendation to overcome challenges.

This is the major differentiator as this type of analytics is only available with modern DAP solutions like Apty.

2. Customized Walkthroughs

Based on the recommendations provided in the previous step, the walkthroughs are created for each user type. With Modern DAP there is no need to assume anything while creating walkthroughs and user workflows. You just follow the recommendation that has been drawn from the analytics to create effective walkthroughs and flows.

3. Walkthrough Analytics

Further, you are provided with walkthrough analytics which shows how a walkthrough is being utilized. It gives you a better perspective so that you can improve upon the existing flows and walkthroughs. Sometimes we tend to make a mistake assuming that the particular workflow will guide the user in the desired manner but unfortunately, it might not happen. So, in these cases walkthrough analysis gives you an idea regarding where the issue could be.

4. Automation

On further analysis you are provided with data that clearly shows what type of process is repetitive. After analyzing it, you can automate these tasks. This very aspect is very helpful to reduce the time and effort of a user. Not only that, but it also helps you to utilize that time better which results in higher productivity and subsequently better ROI.

All these factors contribute to make the modern DAP solution an intelligent solution. There are but a handful of solutions in the market with such profound capabilities, Among these, Apty is not just the world’s fastest-growing DAP solution but also the most carefully thought through and designed solution.

These solutions are available as in-app guidance in an application, where they act as the Help-widget with a repository of documents, videos, pdfs, and walkthroughs which are customized for each user group. If they are stuck while using an application, they can immediately use it without being an inconvenience to their neighboring colleague or teammates.

This not only leads to better user experience but also ensures that the organization saves 2-3 times of its cost while training an employee.

It helps you to reduce support-ticket and also boosts the confidence of your user as their dependencies are drastically reduced just because of DAP solution like Apty. It’s being rightly said, “The problem isn’t the software. It’s how it’s being used.”

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