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What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a software layer that sits on top of any web-based application and provides a seamless learning experience to the end-users with step-by-step on-screen walkthroughs.

In this post, we're going to cover:


What are the primary functions of Digital Adoption Solution?

  • Provide insights on software usage
  • Provide On-screen guidance
  • Reduce employee onboarding time and effort
  • Improve user experience (UX) and reduced support
  • Increase Return On Investment (ROI)

Businesses procure Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) to provide better assistance to employees by creating on-screen guidance with the support of walkthroughs. The important factor lies in how we build effective walkthroughs that help users to complete tasks effectively and increase the overall digital adoption.

If a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) allows you to create walkthroughs without understanding where the actual hang-ups are occurring while using the software - it’s of no use. 

Organizations must understand the employee needs, requirements, and hiccups before jumping on to provide content.

For better results,

Give the employees what they need, Rather than asking them to use what you give.

For example, imagine a company size of 5000 using Other Digital Adoption Solutions,

  • Mr. X of the company procures the DAP tool and starts creating walkthroughs
  • Enables it to all employees with the help of the Digital Adoption Platform.
  • The user initially feels comfortable, but in a few days, there could be some other issues that an employee might face like missing walkthroughs, improper tooltips, and many more.
  • Now the problem arises, as the stuck user has to open a ticket and try to reach out to Mr. X for addressing the issue.
  • Think of that employees’ loss of productivity and waste of time and energy in this process. Imagine, What if more than 1000 employees face similar kinds of issues?

So, the Digital Adoption Platform which is supposed to speed up the product adoption process, now it is the one that creates a mess and delays.

For addressing these kinds of issues. Organizations should understand the difference between a legacy and the modern Digital Adoption Solution like Apty.

You may ask,

  • What is the difference between a legacy and the modern Digital Adoption Solution?
  • What is the unique feature that Apty offers, other DAP tools don’t?
  • What is so special about Apty?
Get More out of your Software with Apty

Well, Apty is the next-gen Digital Adoption Platform that first understands the user's needs and then helps to create walkthroughs that will have a better impact on your business.

  • As soon as you implement Apty, it starts creating the blueprints of what difficulties your users are facing within the application.
  • It tells you the anticipated action pattern so that Mr. X of the company can go and create walkthroughs that are exactly needed by the end-users.
  • Now, the user gets what he/she wants which results in improved user experience and ROI of your software investment plus reduced support tickets and increased employee productivity.

So, these are the few unique features of Apty that are prerequisites for creating better and useful walkthroughs. The other DAP tools lack these features.

Apty Vs Legacy Digital Adoption Solutions


Modern Digital Adoption SolutionApty  

Legacy DAP tool 


Setup Apty 

Build Walkthroughs and Content 


Generate Insight data, find actual hang-ups 

Get Walkthrough Analytics & monitor the progress 


Build Walkthroughs and Content based on the collected insights 



Get Walkthrough analytics & monitor the progress 


How legacy Digital Adoption Solutions operates:

Step 1 – Build walkthroughs where you “think” your users might get stuck while using the application.

Step 2 – Get insights on how your walkthroughs are being used and optimize it.

Legacy Digital Adoption Solution Cycle

In today’s world, modern DAP solutions follow the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) Cycle. The term “DAP Cycle” was coined by Apty in the year 2017. We’ve been using it internally as a metaphor for Digital Adoption done in the right way.

This DAP cycle helps enterprises to drive better usage of software applications and get faster Return on Investment (ROI).

Here’s how it looks,

Modern Digital Adoption Solution Cycle

How modern Digital Adoption Solution works:

To make you understand how it works,

Step 1 – Setup & Implementation

Post-implementation of Apty, it understands user interactions with the software powered by machine learning and collects interaction history to draw patterns and analyze the way the application is being used.

Step 2 – Generate Insight

It gives the complete picture of so far analyzed data and identifies the exact roadblocks where and how the user gets stuck with the application. Further, these insights help to create walkthroughs for each job role and function.

Step 3 – Build Walkthroughs & content

Walkthroughs are created by analyzing the footprints of user behavior (the actual place where your users get stuck) with the application. 

Other features like tooltips, permalinks, announcements, guides, videos, PDF, and PPTs can be created in no time. 

Here is how Apty tooltip works,

Apty Tool Tip in action

Here is how On-screen guidance of Apty works,

Apty On-screen Guidance in action

Step 4 – Analytics & Automation

Analytics, Walkthroughs, Onscreen guidance, and Tooltips help to improve product adoption. It also reduces touchpoints by analyzing the employee interaction with the software and thereby improving productivity. Apty leverages chatbots to help people automate their mundane tasks without even having to open your software.

Look out Apty Analytics in action,

Apty Analytics in action

Automates mundane processes in your application, enables users to do more in less time, and increases the ROI of your software. These mundane tasks are automated post analyzing the regular tasks with the help of analytics gathered over the period.

Here is how Apty Automation works,

Apty automation in action

In simple words, the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP cycle) is the next-gen innovation by Apty. If you want to have a hands-on experience to know how it works, request a demo. I am sure you will be delighted to see the features and overwhelmed with the automation capabilities of Apty. 

Companies like Boeing, Delta Airlines, TD Bank, and many others choose Apty to address challenges like onboarding, improving employee productivity, reducing training costs, and increasing software ROI, and other such issues. 

Digital Adoption done in the right way

Revanth Periyasamy
Written by Revanth Periyasamy

Revanth is a marketing champ at Apty. An ardent tech geek who loves to write on trending topics and is a big fan of all things relating to marketing.

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