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Infographic: Benefits of a Digital Adoption Solution

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A new Gartner report recently highlighted something we’ve known all along – using a digital adoption solution like Apty greatly increases your team’s productivity. Gartner included Apty (formerly letzNav) in this new category of Digital Adoption Solutions. 

According to the report organizations that implement digital adoption solutions such as Apty can: 

  • Save Time and Money With Better Adoption and Productivity
  • Use Analytics to Increase Usage and Improve User Experience
  • Incorporate Continuous Development for Tenured Sellers

You can download a full copy of the report here

Real Numbers: The Impact of Digital Adoption Solutions

At this point, you may be curious about the sort of impact to expect from implementing a digital adoption solution like Apty. Here are some results from one of our largest clients. The client needed help improving the digital adoption of new enterprise software. After implementing Apty they saw:

  • 80 percent reduction in support tickets
  • 70 percent decrease in time spent on training
  • A savings of more than 800 hours in the first year
  • A 3x increase in productivity

How Digital Adoption Solutions Increase Productivity 

So how do solutions like Apty help increase your productivity? Digital Adoption Solutions make your team more productive by making enterprise software easier to use. 

Most digital adoption solutions will include some sort of on-screen guidance. As a part of Apty Assist, we included guided workflows. These workflows turn even the most complicated tasks into self-guided wizards. Workflows walk the user through each step of the process showing them where to click and telling them what to do next.

Apty’s workflows are smart enough to recognize what step a user is on and pick up the workflow from there. A unique feature of Apty is also the ability to crosslink applications so if a user needs to start a process in one application and then open another, Apty’s on-screen guidance will continue seamlessly. 

This on-screen guidance helps to quickly onboard new users and helps new and existing users get more done in less time. In many cases, the guidance from a digital adoption solution can replace the need for costly and ineffective classroom training.

Most people would rather learn on the job instead of in a classroom. Digital Adoption Solutions let people learn while they are doing their actual work instead of in a simulated environment. 

Is a Digital Adoption Solution Right for My Company? 

Digital Adoption Solutions are a great fit for companies both large and small. If you’d like to learn more about how Apty could help increase your productivity, schedule a demo today. One of our productivity and software utilization experts will discuss your needs and show you where Apty could make a difference. 

Benefits of a Digital Adoption Solution infographic 2

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