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Together We Work Better: Apty + ServiceNow

Unleashing Synergy: Apty and ServiceNow Enhancing Business Efficiency & Compliance

ServiceNow Helps Your Business Work Better

Apty Helps Your People Work Better with ServiceNow

This video showcases how Apty and ServiceNow join forces to enhance your business operations. With Apty’s innovative software, we empower your people to work more efficiently within the ServiceNow platform:  

  1. Verifying and ensuring data quality 
  2. Refining business processes 
  3. Enforcing process compliance 
  4. Accelerating ServiceNow adoption.  

Let’s explore the features that make this partnership a game-changer: 

  • Gain Full Visibility: Apty gives leaders complete visibility into ServiceNow process adoption. Communicate directly with users within ServiceNow, informing your teams about new change management processes or scheduling recurring reminders for timely updates on assets inventory.  
  • Close Process & Education Gaps: Apty closely monitors user activities, pinpointing areas where struggles exist. With this insight, you can effortlessly create contextual guidance exactly where needed, transforming user behaviors into actionable insights. 
  • Meet Adoption Goals: Introducing a new process or ServiceNow implementation? Apty helps you track and achieve ServiceNow adoption goals. Utilizing goal-based tracking, Apty’s enterprise digital adoption platform monitors process deviations and empowers managers to take proactive measures to ensure adoption success. Need your team trained on a new process by a specific date? Apty gives you KPIs and adoption metrics to prove success and ServiceNow value.  
  • Guided Processes Across Applications: ServiceNow boosts productivity and saves time with driven application processes. However, once you leave the platform, the guidance stops. Apty continues the guidance and follows you across applications, allowing you to seamlessly continue employee training across various applications like Jira, Microsoft, and Workday, ensuring full process adoption throughout your business. 

Why Use Apty with ServiceNow?

With Apty, we help employees, admins, leaders, operations teams, sales teams, HR, L&D, IT professionals, Center of Excellence, project managers, and product managers work better. Our powerful collaboration with ServiceNow empowers your people to maximize their potential within the platform, driving efficiency, productivity, and success. 
Join thousands of businesses that have already elevated their operations through the power of Apty and ServiceNow: 

  • 30% increase in process adoption 
  • 50% reduction in user errors 
  • 20% boost in employee productivity 

Remember, ServiceNow + Apty: Together, we Work Better.

Unlock the True Potential of ServiceNow with Apty

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"Contributing factors include insufficiently high aspirations, a lack of engagement within the organization, and insufficient investment in building capabilities across the organization to sustain the change, among others." - McKinsey & Company.
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