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Maximizing Your ServiceNow Investment through Digital Adoption 

Aligning ServiceNow with Strategic Adoption and Efficiency Across the Enterprise

The webinar focused on ServiceNow’s integration across various departments, emphasizing digital adoption. Industry experts share experiences and discuss process automation and standardization.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding the Dynamic IT Landscape: The webinar emphasizes the importance of aligning ServiceNow with an organization’s overall digital transformation strategy, given the dynamic nature of the IT landscape. Participants learn how application mapping and change adoption are crucial. 
  • Value of Digital Adoption: The conversation highlights the key role that digital adoption plays in ensuring efficiency and alignment with the organization’s objectives. Specific strategies, including workshops and project initiation practices, are explored to facilitate user adaptation to new digital landscapes. 
  • Standardization and Integration across Departments: The speakers focus on the uniform integration of ServiceNow in multi-departmental or global enterprise settings. They explain how ServiceNow enables standardized workflows, reporting, and dashboards across different applications and modules to ensure consistent efficiency. 
  • Importance of Automation and Analytics: Automation and analytics are stressed as vital aspects of realizing ROI and value within an organization. Examples of automating work activities are provided, and the usage of statistics and analytics through platforms like APP is discussed to track and measure success. 
  • Open Communication and Support: Beyond the technical insights, the webinar also promotes an environment of collaboration and support. The speakers encourage attendees to reach out and engage, emphasizing that solutions are achievable through open communication and collaboration, both with the webinar’s host organization and each other. 

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