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4 ERP Adoption Tips you don’t want to miss

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Odds are you paid a lot for your enterprise resource planning system. A recent Software Path report estimated companies spend $7,200 per user in implementing a new system. Understandably, you’re going to want to make sure you get the most out of the new system.

Tip 1: Improve your adoption rate

Poor implementations and low adoption rates can dramatically decrease your ROI on any enterprise software, but especially on an enterprise resource planning system. ERP software adds value to a company by streamlining processes and replacing several independent legacy systems with one modern and fully integrated system. This new system should deliver value by:

  • Replacing old systems
  • Saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Providing better data to make business decisions.

You can’t achieve those goals if people don’t use the new software. Successfully adopting new software is challenging. People are naturally resistant to change and can feel overwhelmed- especially if the software is complex in nature. One way to help employees adopt a new ERP is to guide the user in a way that shows how easy the program is to use.

Digital adoption solutions like Apty provide on-screen guidance to help employees learn new software while they use it. Instead of struggling to remember what to click and how to update a record, the workflow guides users through each step.

Tip 2: Onboard New Users

Another tip for increasing your ROI and improving your adoption rate is to efficiently onboard new users. Employees who are appropriately onboarded are more confident in their roles, responsibilities, and ability to use your software.

Onboarding introduces employees to your software and shows them how to complete their work in the program. To enhance your onboarding efforts, Apty now includes onboarding checklists. The checklists are like a personalized guided tour showing employees each module or process they’ll need to utilize in your ERP. You can even segment the onboarding by different user groups so new team members can receive a customized onboarding material specific to their role.

Tip 3: Manage Software Costs

Another way to improve your ROI on your ERP is to make sure you’re not overpaying for it. Software Path estimates that 37% of a company’s employees will use an ERP. As a company grows, the number typically decreases.

If you’re using a system that charges based on your user count, it’s essential to make sure you’re paying for the right number of licenses. There’s no sense in paying for an unused or underutilized license. To improve your ROI, regularly audit your user base to make sure you have the right number of licenses. Apty’s tracking tools and the recommendations from Apty Insights can help analyze your usage data to determine if you’re paying for unused licenses. Most out-of-the-box analytics will show you how frequently someone has logged in to the system. Apty can show you how they’re using the system.

Tip 4: Automate Mundane Tasks

Finally, if you’re looking to improve your ERP productivity and ROI, you’ll need to leverage automation.

Start by examining what automation features are built into your ERP. For example, could you set up an automation process to automatically post reviewed and approved journal entries in your version of Oracle?

What about pulling reports from Netsuite or Workday? Do you have a report that needs to be reviewed monthly? Use automation to email it out at the end of the month. Automations like these can help you in eliminated underutilized licenses. If someone only needs to review a report, do they need a license when you could automatically email it to them instead?

Those are just a couple of examples of how to utilize automation. At Apty, we think automation has the power to dramatically improve your team’s productivity. We’re working on adding automation features that will enable you to leverage robotic process automation in any application.

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