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4 Online training Challenges You Should Know About

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Since the beginning of 2020 we have seen a lot of changes in both professional and personal life, things have drastically changed in a matter of months but what doesn’t change is the will power of people to do their job even during this crisis.

The human being is a unique creature, he finds one way or another to accomplish the task in hand.

Some small startups are using Google sheets for internal communication, some big organizations are hiring new individuals giving a ray of hope during this time, HR’s are enabling smooth on-boarding with whatever resources they have to ensure that the new employee is comfortable, managers are finding unique ways to achieve their goals, some organizations are vouching to stand by their employees and others are providing funds to motivate them.

All this made us wonder how efficient are Human beings. Amid, this many organizations are trying their best to make their employees efficient by imparting them knowledge and training over online mediums.

During this process, organizations are ensuring to overcome employee training challenges by going online but get stuck with some online training challenges.

Well, do you want to know what type of online training challenges they are stuck in?

Training people via online channels is not a bad idea but not ensuring the effectiveness is.

There are multiple online training challenges that an organization has to overcome to make learning for its employees effective, Here are they:-

1. The Live-Training Session With Technical Challenges

Organizations that have recently rolled out new applications could face a huge online training challenge.

Any delay would simply mean losing the ROI. As big organizations usually spend months implementing a new application across the silos the success truly depends on how fast the new application is adopted. If the application is not utilized and adopted properly in the initial phase then the results could be catastrophic.

So, Organizations are training their employees via video conferencing on new applications. This is a decent way to train employees but it has its share of problems.

  • Unstable bandwidth and connectivity is the major issue when employees are working from home, their internet has to do a lot of heavy-lifting so that they can do their job seamlessly.
  • This becomes difficult to do as the ISP has to ensure stable connection while managing heavy application that consumes a lot of bandwidth and video call, not only that usually, users open many tabs with multiple application running in the background.
  • As a result, the connectivity is affected and could result in frequent connectivity issues, in some cases the same network is being utilized by multiple people and hence the quality of the video is ruined.
  • An organization has limited resources to train its employees and to train them in a batch of 30-50 would consume a lot of time and effort from its training and development department.
  • A trainer can only train a set of 30-50 employees at any given time, this could lead to a lack of concentration among individuals, as this type of training is not a 15 minutes meeting but a session that is being carried out for hours with continuous technical glitches.

2. Pre-recorded Training With Lack of Clarification

In some cases, pre-recorded training is created for employees well in advance to cater to employees in different geographies to overcome employee training challenges.

This is also helpful for an employee, as they can use such a resource as per their convenience but the problem is that if any doubt arises the employee does not have the luxury to consult any colleague.

They further have problems finding documents, videos or any other form of resource. Frequently looking for support for minor queries. This poses a serious challenge for some employees.

3. Employees With Lack of Time

Sometimes employees have other commitments like completing a project and as a result, they cannot follow the time that is allotted by there training and development team.

In such cases re-training could be difficult for a specific employee, in this type of case the employee is either dependent on their subordinates or they have to go through documentation which could be tiresome and time-consuming.

Online training challenges like this not only create confusion but also waste a lot of time of an employee.

4. Post-Training Challenges

Employees need to practice an application post the training period. The objective of any organization is not only to provide knowledge but also to make things happen by using that knowledge.

If employees are unable to execute a task using that knowledge then the course creation or training is considered as failure. To avoid that and to make your employees do things, you have to ensure they retain whatever is taught to them by making them do things in real- time.

How this can be achieved?

It can be achieved with the Digital Adoption Platform which helps your
employees throughout the process in an intelligent manner as and when required.

It’s like a guide sitting right next to you guiding you on each step and explaining to you at the same time how to do it. Solution like this makes digital adoption easy.

We are by no means saying that the above-mentioned challenges should stop you from using it but such solutions have certain flaws as mentioned above which you can overcome by using means such as Digital Adoption Platform.

Online training challenges like these can be averted by using Digital Adoption Platforms which ensure that your employees learn any application in a personalized way with the guidance of Walkthroughs that function on top of the implemented application.

In a solution like these employees have to just enter the keyword and the relevant content would appear right in front of them, this not only reduces time but also eliminates confusion.

Digital Adoption Platform ( DAP ) ensures the success of your digital transformation effort by reducing dependencies and training effort.

The learning duration can be reduced 2 to 3 times with such a solution.

This solution ensures higher productivity, efficiency, better engagement, improved software adoption, and most important of all increased ROI by countering online training challenges that your employee’s face.

“The problem isn’t in the software but how it’s being used” – Apty

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