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How Does a Digital Adoption Platform Improve Working from Home?

Here's how Apty Digital adoption platform is helping enterprises enable their employee productivity during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to threaten the world, most companies have rolled out “Work from Home” for their non-essential employees.

Market leaders have stated that Coronavirus (COVID-19) will impact companies on an unimaginable scale and also in the long run “work from home” may give rise to many problems. 

Enterprises need to think out of the box and reshape the way they manage their workforce due to COVID-19. Social distancing has become the buzz word and the businesses are moving into virtual workspaces, to be able to continue their business operation without any disruption.  

Companies must now think about: 

Meanwhile, employees are worried about how they are going to do their jobs at home.

The primary focus for companies should be to avoid confusion and a lack of efficiency by creating a proper communication channel for their remote workforce. 

This situation has pushed a lot of tools from the “good to have a category” to “must have a category” for organizations. We’ve highlighted several of these tools in our blog “Practical Guide for CIOs to keep the business up and running”.

But, even if your tech stack is the best in the world, if employees are not being able to get most out of it, your productivity could suffer. 

This is where Digital Adoption platforms can help.  


A Digital Adoption Platform Boosts Productivity


What is a Digital Adoption Platform? 

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is are SaaS solutions that work with any web-based application to provide a seamless in-application learning experience to end-users with step-by-step software walkthroughs

With a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), remote employees can adopt your software quickly.

How DAP like Apty is helping organizations during this breakdown

Apty is a next-gen Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that follows the DAP cycle. Apty analyzes user interactions with the software so you can identify where they need help. 

Let’s talk about some of the common use cases of Digital Adoption Platforms.

1. Remote Onboarding and Training – Faster and Simpler


Employee onboarding is not a simple task when you’re in the office let alone working remotely. If you are not doing it carefully, it may lead to employee frustration over a period.  

Two critical things that come into play during remote onboarding and training of new employees are processes and software. Employees need proper training for both things.

According to Glassdoor,

Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%

HR managers and product trainers have started leveraging Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) to help their employees do the task efficiently by showing them on-screen walkthroughs within the application. Providing interactive workflows makes their employees proficient quickly.  

Here is how Apty’s Onscreen guidance works:


You can create any number of walkthroughs to make your employees tasks simpler and better. The Digital Adoption Platform helps you to onboard and train your hires at a faster rate. 

2.  Guaranteed Business Continuity


If one thing is certain, it’s there is no such thing as business as usual right now. As employees adjust to working remotely, even routine tasks can become challenging. 

That’s where it helps to have a Digital Adoption Platform that includes automation, like Apty. Apty’s chatbot interface makes it easy for people to complete routine tasks in your enterprise systems, like Salesforce, without even opening the application. 


3. Data – the needed resource


With your teams all working remotely, it can be more challenging to track your overall progress and productivity. How do you know what work is getting done? Or if you’re in the middle of a digital transformation, how do you know if you’re still on track? 

Apty – Progress tracking & monitoring

Apty’s built-in tracking tools enable you to get a holistic view of what’s happening in your enterprise software systems. Companies can set up their processes and activities to monitor. For example, if you have a four-step process for inputting a potential deal, the system can identify:

  • How frequently users initiate and complete the process
  • When a deal is an input following a different process, and
  • Where users need additional support. 

Modern DAPs analyze your usage in real-time and provide tactics to improve your employee productivity.

Here’s a glimpse of Apty analytics:



Modern Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) insights identify the place where users are facing difficulties in using the product, this helps the Learning and Development team (L&D) to go ahead and create effective workflows that address your user's difficulties. In this way, modern Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) analytics helps to speed up the user onboarding process and makes production adoption easier. In addition to this, L&D teams can download these workflows in the medium they want to share with the users if they need internal support with anything.

4. Communication and learning support


Frequent touch with your employees through emails, phone calls, and virtual meetings are essential else the remote workers feel left out and there is a high chance of a decrease in productivity.

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) provides an instant solution to the above-mentioned problem; it helps you to do important announcements like product updates, process changes, project announcements, and many other things that you want your users to know immediately

According to, 76% of individuals use video collaboration to work remotely. Many companies started using different kinds of tools to communicate with their team, and as discussed earlier, if employees are not aware of “how-to” of using these tools, there arises a “gap” which may turn into employee dissatisfaction and frustration. 

The modern Digital Adoption Platform acts as a bridge to fill the gap between your employees and other software you use -  letting you create simple tooltips that help the user to understand and adopt any product that the company uses.  


Whatever the product Enterprises use, Apty helps them to use it better and get the best out of it. 

Having a clear understanding of the current situation, helps you define a proper strategy to manage your teams. Companies will be having many projects in the queue that need to be completed irrespective of Corona (COVID-19) shutdowns, so companies must leverage tools like a DAP to effectively handle the current global situation. Digital Adoption Solutions like Apty support remotely working employees by making it easier to adapt to new technologies and processes.


Revanth Periyasamy
Written by Revanth Periyasamy

Revanth is a marketing champ at Apty. An ardent tech geek who loves to write on trending topics and is a big fan of all things relating to marketing.

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