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Improve Software Utilization With Analytics

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Do you know how people are using the software you purchased to run your business?

The software might come with some built-in analytics. But do they give you a clear picture of how effectively your employees are using the system? If you’re lucky, the program may record when and how frequently someone logs in, but logging in and actually completing your work are two different things.

The advanced tracking tools in Apty can be enabled in less than a day and immediately begin tracking data on how users interact with the program and how they complete your processes.

You can leverage this data to improve your software utilization in three ways:

  1. Provide Better Support and Training
  2. Fix broken or difficult processes
  3. Manage software costs

1. Provide Better Support and Training

When companies fail to see the expected ROI or productivity out of new software, they often assume the answer is more training. They invest more time and money into a training program without identifying what the issue is.

Most program managers and administrators know how the software was designed to be used, but can’t tell how their average user is actually using it.

The increased visibility offered by Apty allows you to see who is using your software and how they’re using it. Apty provides actionable insights on both where and who needs additional support and guidance.

Apty can show you the screen where users are struggling so you can provide the support or training to fix that issue. If it was like painting a room, Apty would highlight the one or two spots you need to touch up instead of wasting the time and paint on redoing the entire wall.

2. Fix broken or difficult processes

Apty can also be configured to analyze your business processes. These detailed analytics can show you both how many people complete a process and identify the exact step or steps where most users abandon their efforts.

This data can help you improve your utilization in two ways. First, as we discussed above, you can use it to develop more support content or training around the step where people are getting stuck. Second, you can use the data to improve your process. Do you really need all of those steps? Could you eliminate a step through the use of automation?

Processes and software often make sense to the people who designed them, but sometimes get lost in translation when they get put into practice by average users. Apty helps you identify and solve the disconnect.

3. Manage software costs

The final way you can utilize advanced analytics to improve your software utilization and ultimately your ROI is through managing your software costs.

When planning to adopt new software people often overestimate who will use the software. Often managers assume it’s better for everyone to have access in case someone is gone or leaves. Unfortunately, that leads to several licenses being unutilized.

Apty’s tracking measures actual usage based on your unique use cases. Apty analyses this data to make recommendations on how you can redistribute or reduce your software licenses.

Improve Your Software ROI with Analytics

Getting more out of your software starts when understanding your status quo. You need to know how users are utilizing the software today before you can optimize how it’s used in the future. If you’re looking to improve your utilization and ROI, schedule a FREE demo of Apty to see how our advanced analytics and insights have helped companies greatly reduce their support costs and improve their productivity.

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