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How insights are an integral part of any Digital Adoption Platform

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“We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights” – Jay Baer

Data helps an organization to make better decisions, and that is why each one of them is leveraging the technology to access more and more data. But how important are data and analytics without proper insights?

In this post, we’re looking at why insights should be a part of the Digital Adoption Platform, which is going to revolutionize the software businesses in the coming decades.

What types of analytics do DAPs track?

There are two approaches to analytics used by most Digital Adoption Platforms on the market: tracking help content or tracking user activity.

Most platforms just track how users leverage the support content. You begin by creating on-screen guidance and tooltips. The DAP tracks how many people used the content you created. These types of analytics can tell you if people are using your adoption platform, but not much else.

At Apty, we take the more data-centric approach of tracking user activity. In addition to recording how people interact with your support content, our system records how users interact with your software and how they complete your business processes.

How can you use DAP analytics?

Analytics from a digital adoption platform can help improve your overall Digital Adoption. Some of the benefits include:

  • Knowing where users are struggling the most.
  • Monitoring the engagement rate of users.
  • Examining the effectiveness of the employees.
  • Giving real-time feedback.

How is analytics assisting the admins of the Digital Adoption Platform?

Earlier, we talked about the built-in tracking system which records either how users interact with support content or the host application. The system analyzes the usage data to display on a dashboard. This makes the admin understand where the users are struggling, and at which point they are facing common issues.

How good are these Analytics?

As we mentioned, most of the platforms take one of two approaches. The most common focus only on how people use help content. It’s like sitting in a car and driving without a destination. You see all the details in front of you like a gas station, movie theatre, or a playground, but how does it help you if you have no idea where you want to go?

Insights should be actionable

In the business context, insights help an organization to recognize what values they should deliver through the roadmap to achieve their vision strategy. Likewise, the insights from A DAP should help the admin to make smarter decisions by minimizing the user’s work.

Let us apply this situation in terms of CRMs like Salesforce. You know the tasks a user needs to do. Maybe it’s a four-step process. How do you know what step is causing the problem and how to fix it?

Insights complement the digital adoption platform

The leading platforms like Apty deploy AI and deep learning algorithms for analyzing the usage pattern and couple them with automation through chatbots to reduce the mundane tasks carried out by the user. They also help to simplify the complex tasks in the application. This results in increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the employees.

Here is an instance of Apty Insights from one of the next-generation platforms Apty.

Apty stands out from other platforms while providing insights with a special tracking tool designed to analyze your custom processes.

  • First, the admins create an activity based on how the task should be performed.
  • Then the users carry out the task. Apty records where they get stuck, drop off, or access help content.
  • Finally, Apty provides recommendations on where additional support is needed to improve the process.

This is how Apty stands out from a cluster of companies in the market. We help your admin to help your users better.

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