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Get More Out of Salesforce

Boost Your Salesforce ROI by Optimizing How People Use the Tool

Adoption-imageSalesforce is sophisticated, complex, and has almost unlimited potential. And yet, without effective onboarding, training and adoption - it can have the opposite effect on your business - bogging down operations and creating confusion across every level of your organization.


Don’t put your Salesforce investment at risk. Apty solves the most common challenges with Salesforce adoption by providing real-time guidance and data validations.


Improve your sales team’s productivity and reduce support and training costs with Apty.


Features for Salesforce Adoption

Use this world-class platform to its maximum potential. Salesforce has helped propel thousands of businesses to success - now, it’s your turn.

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Actionable Insights

Apty equips your team to utilize Salesforce’s powerful reporting features and leverage data to drive revenue.

Sales Enablement

Apty gives your sales team and managers the knowledge to easily navigate Salesforce whether you’re using Salesforce Classic or Lightning. 

Faster Onboarding

Apty quickly onboards new employees to Salesforce so the newest member of your sales team can spend their time getting to know your clients and products not your software.  

Easy Customization

Apty can be tailored to your organization. Customize your support and validations around your sales process and business rules. 



Apty’s full suite of automation, analytical, and guidance tools enables your team to get more done in Salesforce in less time.

Improved Data Quality

One of the most common complaints about Salesforce is inaccurate or missing data in reports. Apty's validations ensure data quality and prompt users to fix errors as they’re working in Salesforce.

Increased Sales Productivity

Every minute your sales team spends in Salesforce training is a minute they’re not out selling. With Apty, your team will be closing deals not flipping through training manuals.  

Decreased Support Cost

Apty is available 24/7. Employees can get help quickly and on-demand, and your IT team is free to work on other projects instead of being bogged down with Salesforce support.