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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Product Adoption Process

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Adopting a new enterprise software isn’t cheap. Just the software costs alone are significant, let alone training and implementation costs. So how can you make sure you see the full value of your new software? Building a product adoption process ensures your software not only gets launched, it actually gets used. Implementation is getting the software up and running. Adoption is about making sure it’s fully integrated into your company’s daily workflow.

We’ve created this list of must-read articles on product adoption and highlighted the top tips for building a better software adoption plan.

Involve Users in the Buying Process

Product adoption requires employee buy-in. For smoother adoption of your new enterprise software, consider involving end-users in the buying process. Soliciting feedback and involving users upfront makes users feel like their input matters. If end users feel like they were a part of the selection process, they are less likely to resist change when you get to the actual implementation.

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Solicit Continuous Feedback

Don’t stop asking for end-user feedback after the buying process. You should continue to provide ways for end users to give their input as they begin to implement the new software. Remember they’re the ones on the front lines. In many cases, they’ll be the first to know if a process isn’t working or if you’ll need to reconfigure a setting in your new system.

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Let Users Test Drive the New System

A great way to get feedback early is to allow users to test out the system before it goes live. Enable a group of early adopters to try out the system. Consider this group your beta testers. Use their feedback to improve processes or update any of your training materials that are unclear.

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Solve a Problem for Users

People are naturally resistant to change. You’re going to need to give people a good reason to change, and even then, they’re like to fight it. The key to successful product adoption is to solve a real problem for your users. How will the new system make their jobs easier? Will it save them time? Will it simplify a complex process? Clearly communicate the benefit of the new system before, during and after implementation to ensure the system is fully adopted and utilized.

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Make a Splash

Make a big deal about the launch of your new technology. Consider throwing a launch party or other kickoff event. This is a great time for key company leaders to share their vision for the new product and how it will improve employee’s work experience. After the kickoff, keep the buzz going with frequent communication about the project. Also, consider offering casual and fun settings like lunch-n-learns or coffee talks for employees to ask questions about the new software.

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Make it Fun

Product adoption stalls out when employees view it as just another task to complete. Combat adoption fatigue by making adoption fun. Consider utilizing gamification to make your adoption process engaging and rewarding. Some companies have had success in creating competitions to encourage employees to utilize new software. This approach has a few advantages. First, it gets employees using the software, but secondly, it creates buzz and gets employees talking about the new platform.

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We hope these tips and articles help you in crafting a successful product adoption strategy. We’re also always looking for new tips. Feel free to leave a comment below with what has worked well for you.

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