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How Much Does It Cost To Implement Workday?

Discover the factors influencing the cost of implementing Workday and how to maximize your software return on investment (ROI).

Are you looking for ways to make your users self-reliant, swiftly identify and resolve breakdowns, and reduce training and support costs during your Workday implementation?

Workday costs around $300K and can cost as much as $40-60 PEPM.

In this video, we explore the key factors influencing the cost of implementing Workday and provide strategies to optimize your investment. Learn the factors that influence the cost of implementation and how a software adoption platform helps organizations successfully implement Workday while maximizing software return on investment (ROI).  

 Watch this video to learn how you leverage Apty to: 

  • Make users self-reliant: Apty empowers users to become self-sufficient in using Workday. Through intuitive guidance, interactive tutorials, and contextual help, Apty provides the necessary support to navigate Workday’s features and functionalities effortlessly. Users gain confidence and independence, reducing their reliance on extensive training programs and support resources.
  • Identify and fix breakdowns quickly: Apty equips you with real-time monitoring capabilities to swiftly identify and address breakdowns during implementation. Tracking user activities can pinpoint bottlenecks, system issues, or user challenges. With this valuable insight, you can take immediate action to resolve problems, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation journey.
  • Reduce training and support costs: Apty significantly reduces training and support costs associated with implementing Workday. The platform streamlines user onboarding through step-by-step assistance and interactive tours, enabling users to grasp the system’s functionality quickly. Additionally, Apty provides in-context support, delivering relevant information and guidance precisely when users need it. By empowering users with self-service support and personalized assistance, Apty minimizes the need for extensive training programs and ongoing support resources, resulting in substantial cost savings for your organization.

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88% of Employees Think Leadership Did a Poor Job with Onboarding Process

Technology advancement usually brings many opportunities but not without its challenges. In this guide, we discuss some challenges faced while implementing Workday, solutions to said challenges, and the use of digital adoption solutions to drive better software adoption and employee experiences.

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