Boost your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ROI

Quickly and Easily Adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 business management software has the potential to transform your business, but only when people can use it.  


Apty helps you quickly realize that potential by empowering your employees with step-by-step guidance, contextual help, and ongoing training that accelerates user adoption and gets your business operating at optimal levels of productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics

Features for MS Dynamics

Apty makes Microsoft Dynamics easier to use for finance, operations, and Sales teams.


Apty takes care of onboarding Microsoft Dynamics so new employees can spend more time working and less time sitting in a classroom.


You can tailor Apty to your business and processes. Customize your support and validations around how you want your team to work in Dynamics.


Apty helps employees easily navigate Microsoft Dynamics with step-by-step guidance. Apty’s workflows significantly reduce the time to complete a task.


Apty shows you where users are struggling while using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and gives you recommendations on how to solve those adoption challenges.

Benefits of Using Apty with MS Dynamics

Apty’s suite of guidance and analytical tools increase your productivity and utilization of Microsoft Dynamics.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

The longer your team spends on their Microsoft Dynamics training, the longer they are away from their actual work. Apty eliminates the need for ineffective classroom training.

Better Data Quality

Improved Data Quality

Missing or inaccurate data is a problem with systems like Microsoft Dynamics. Apty’s validations resolve this by prompting users to fix errors while they are working in the program.

Decreased Support Costs

Decreased Support Costs

Apty's on-screen guidance empowers users to easily navigate Microsoft Dynamics and solve their own issues without relying on IT support, reducing your support costs, drastically.