Transform Employee Productivity and Employee Performance

Apty helps increase employee productivity by eliminating mundane tasks through automation. It also allows you to improve employee performance with its custom walkthroughs.

Why Apty is the Best Tool to boost Employee Productivity?

How Apty Can Help

Typically, employees lose a lot of time figuring out software and doing repetitive tasks. Apty improves employee performance with on-screen guidance on how to use enterprise software like ERP, CRM, etc. Increasing productivity is easier when routine tasks are automated. With Apty’s chatbot, tasks that would otherwise take 15-20 minutes, can be done in seconds!

Guaranteed With Apty

  • Save thousands of man hours a year with automation
  • Reduce manual errors with Data Validations
  • Amplify employee productivity with self-guided workflow
  • Gain actionable insights on improving productivity

Transform Employee Productivity and Performance

Automate Mundane and repetetive Tasks

Automate Mundane & Repetitive Tasks

Companies that implement automation into their business processes can save 40 -75% costs. Automation with Apty increases employee productivity rate so they can focus on projects that add value.

Create Streamlined Workflows

Streamline Workflows & Minimize Errors

On-screen guidance simplifies processes so your employees can complete their work faster & error-free. Streamlining your workflows with Apty increases both quality of work and workplace productivity.

Improve Your Employee Training ROI

Improve the ROI of your Enterprise Software

Apty eliminates user hurdles in your enterprise software so your employees can get more done. Apty increases your employee productivity by making your business processes and software more efficient.

How to Increase Employee Productivity in the Workplace with Apty

Make New Employee Onboarding Experiences Memorable

Following new employee onboarding best practices will motivate Employees significantly. Apty can help you with that.

Enhance Employee Engagement with Interactive Walkthroughs

Build employee engagement via in-app communications, as they learn to use your Enterprise software.

Measure Employee Productivity & provide relevant help

Learn how each user interacts with the software and provide contextual, timely them help to improve performance.

Make Change Management Seamless & Hassle-free

Be it a migration or new deployment, Apty simplifies Software Change Management, so productivity does not suffer.

Personalize Employee Training with Data-driven Insights

Personalizing training material based on data is one of the simplest ways to increase employee productivity.


The Complete DAP for Improved Workforce Productivity


Doing mundane activities is one of the biggest factors affecting employee productivity. Apty’s chat bot automates routine work, helping employees work on other productive tasks.


Apty’s superior usage tracking shows you where users struggle while using a software. Apty’s actionable insights help you see where and who needs extra support and guidance.


Apty pinpoints the exact steps  where employees struggle so you can use on-screen guidance to show users how to complete a task or prompt them to correct errors.


Apty’s easy-to-use interface allows companies of any size to add automation to enterprise software without investing the time or money on custom development.

FAQs - Employee Performance and Employee Productivity

1. What is Employee Performance?

Employee Performance is a business term that denotes the ability of an employee to accomplish his or her respective job-related activities vis a vis the organization’s expectations and goals. This includes, but is not restricted to the quality, quantity and efficiency of work.

2. What is Employee Productivity?

Employee Productivity is the value that an employee brings to the organization for a specific unit of time. It is an efficiency assessment that is usually calculated based on Units of output/Units of input.

3. What are the factors that affect Employee Productivity?

Product Adoption is critical to SaThere are several factors that may affect Employee Productivity ranging from stress (physical, mental, psychological, social, professional) to inadequate training to lack of motivation, and so on. We’ve discussed several ways in which you can address employee productivity issues in this guide.

4. Why is employee productivity important?

One of the simplest ways to acceleWhile everyday productivity in the workplace is crucial for employees to meet their deliverables and targets the biggest outcome that high employee productivity can bring to any organization is increased revenue.

5. What are the benefits of employee productivity?

Productivity in the workplace offers benefits like improved employee satisfaction which drives employee engagement and reduces turnover. Productive employees also usually create great customer experiences helping build customer loyalty.

6. How can I go about improving employee productivity?

Addressing factors that affect employee performance can resolve productivity issues to a great extent. Here’s a quick guide on the factors that control employee performance.

7. How can I go about improving employee productivity?

There are several Employee Productivity Software the market to cater to the specific needs of different organizations, verticals, etc. Apty is a world-class DAP that relies on a data-driven approach to help you understand, analyze and improve employee performance and productivity. Take a look at it now!.