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Your Guide to Software Training

The Secret Behind Software Implementation

Digital transformation changed our tech stacks and evolved the way we train and learn. From expectations from users to L&D demands for ease-of-use in developing and compiling training content.

Adapting to digital change is inevitable and one of the trickiest processes to master. Whether you’re a healthcare business digitizing your patient documents or a financial institution adapting to a new data system, you need smart assistance to facilitate significant and complex changes across your organization.

In this eBook, we’ll cover 3 key steps proven to successfully train your team across multiple platforms. We’ll also explore different training techniques, each with its own unique traits. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, you’ll gain insight into choosing the right one for your team and your goals.

Learn about how a software adoption platform helps streamline your training efforts. Let’s develop an onboarding plan that improves user adoption rates and increases efficiency across your organization.

Download this eBook to increase your training toolkit, streamline training processes, and take your training skillset to the next level: the digital revolution!

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"Software training has been shown to increase job proficiency by an average of 30%."

– Microsoft study
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