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Global Trends in Digital Adoption

What are Global and Digitally Mature Enterprises Using for Software Training and Adoption?

If you’re familiar with traditional digital adoption platforms (DAPs), you know they’re designed to help users learn how to effectively utilize your software and apps. But you need more than a DAP that only provides essential guidance in a digitally advanced workplace. To truly add value, DAPs must go beyond the standard training duties and track the utilization and optimization of newly adopted tasks, processes, and products to maximize their ROI.

We’ve included a helpful checklist in our “Global Trends in Digital Adoption” eBook to help determine if your current DAP is right for your company’s needs and goals. Use it to evaluate your DAP’s effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

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Global Trends in Digital Adoption

Our eBook explores the latest global trends in digital adoption and provides insights on how businesses can leverage these trends to achieve digital transformation success.

"73% of enterprises fail to realize sustained returns on their digital investments."

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